.-=NFL Week 3=-.


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using a 3 part system here (2 parts you dont give a fuck, and 1 part beer)i'm gonna play each game for 1.5 units (its all relative, should consider them 1 unit now as i increased its value, but I didnt ask you!!) today is the beginning of the new year (or if you're not jewish, its "sunday"....but all that's important is the FACT that Mensa will lead me to victory.

Steelers -1 L (looked solid for most of it)
Redskins -3.5 W (strange low line, almost considered a trap)
Vikings +3.5 W (can't believe i had to sweat this shit out)
Panthers -3 L (5 turnovers led to a 21 point lead turn into 2)
Ravens -7 L
Seahawks -3.5 W
49ers +6.5 L
Broncos +7 W

after playing these:

Balance 0.05 USD
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traps of the week:
(fairly good at sniffing these out)

nyg +3.5
cinci +2<----lol!!! trap trap trap trap trap
bears -3.5
King im not gonna do the contest with you, if you pick 1/2 the sides in ur contest and 1/2 in here. Makes no sense, but G Luck with whatever games you decided to bet
abcs, i had a change of heart on my picks....if you dont want to play it, i dont mind, but i had a week to decide on where to put my money, and i changed many of my choices
4 games being played right now, i have money on 3 of them...the only game televised in my area i dont have any action on:down:
KK...that Denver +7 pick I don't agree with...but what the hell...what do I know LOL.
Glad to see you went against alot of the computer picks this week.....keep it going>>>>>>>>