Nfl week 3 Leans


Chicken Thief
Nfl ytd......sides 2-1 + 1.76 u

teasers 0 -3 (-3 u )

Leans so far

Giants +3.5....

Hou +4 ..... texans can score skins cant

Jax +7 ....can`t belive this one still no respect for Jags

Pack +7 ..... two bad teams ,lions have no offense gb no defense this
will be a fg decided game

Pitt -1.5 .....Cincy really banged up , possibly no houshmanzada, CJ has a concussion , polllack out and center out ....steelers can run against the bengal D...Ben got to shake the rust off , expect a better showing

Clev +6.5 ..... coaching staff needs to start playing to win .Open up a little let frye make some plays on offense . this game also decided by 3
Nice card! I'm on the Giants & Packers with you, and I'm glad to see you're not intimidated by the Colts offense. I love the Jax play, but personally I think I might stay off that game entirely this week.

JETS +6 BT .5 POINT to win 1 U

MY DOG (PUPPY) died yesterday ....instantly the whole hood is in morning .....more plays later...... Peace

jets +6... bt .5 pt 1u/ 1u

in trouble guys have went 3 - 9 the last few days .. BIG LOSES YANKS FUCKED ME TODAY

will reload if Hou doesen`t cover - 2.5 vs oky st

FUCK IT CAN`T GET ANY WORSE RIGHT ? Will be up all night to find some winners ..too much drinking and those damn xanex .....:drinking:
Definitally picked a good one to play. I'm on the Jets at +6 too and I think it's a really strong bet.
I certainly wouldn't be surprised if they did win SU. I'm playing it safe though and taking the points. After all, the Jets certainly had two side to them last week against the Pats. They got shut out in the first half, but then practically won the game in the second. If they can balance their play tomorrow then the odds of cashing this look good.
MIAMI gave that game away turnovers ..or i should say daunte did ..Bill have decent D but cant score .Jets can put up 21 +
damn my steelers are in disarray...ended up also playing gb +7 unposted today but would gladly give that winner up for a steeler win.... 2-0 on wagers 0-1 as a fan.....any one have a read on tonites game leaning broncos + points and under ..............