NFL Week 2 Action


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YTD: 5-4 +2.02 units

Detroit @ Chicago
Posted: Chi -9 32
My line: Chi -6 35
My play: LIONS +9, -105

As the SEMCON boys will tell you, this Lions team is different from last years team, and not just on paper. Last years team basically quit on the coach last season, and it showed in their play. THIS years team actually gives some effort, and I think it showed last week. Say what you want about the offense only scoring 6 points, the Lions beat the shit out of Seattle last week. This week they have a key conference matchup against one of their rivals who just so happened to win 26-0 last week at Lambeau. Big fuckin' deal. The Packers home field advantage hasn't been viable for two years.

Sunday's matchup features two teams and two coaches who play a similar style. Chicago does not have the firepower to blow out the Lions, and I expect a better effort from the Lions offense here. Call it 17-14.

Tampa @ Atlanta
Posted: Atl -5.5 35
My line: Atl -3.5 36
My play: TAMPA +5.5, -106 and TAMPA +227 for 1/2 unit

What a great setup for a play on Tampa here. Last week, ATL shocks Carolina on the road, and the Bucs get manhandled by the Ravens at home. One of the top reasons that squares or people new to handicapping lose money is because they put way too much stock in last weeks results. Yeah, the Bucs played poorly and yeah Atl gave a nice effort, but that was last week. NO TEAM has had more success against Mike Vick than the Tampa defense led by Monty Kiffin. Year after year, he has held Vick in check both running and passing. That fact is playing a major role in this wager. Of course, I expect a supreme effort from Tampa this week as well. I think this is a VERY winnable game for Tampa.

Two team teaser: MIAMI pk and SEATTLE -1. Risking 1 unit to win .90

Both of these teams have a big talent advantages, and both teams are playing at home. Teaser bets in the NFL can be quite profitable if used correctly.

Fade plays:

HOUSTON +13.5, -105
Also a bit of sandwich for Indy here having played the Giants last week, and playing the Jags next week. I know Houston is a divisional matchup, but the Colts have beaten the Texans something like 193 straight times.



Everything was setup for Arizona last week. They were opening a new stadium, playing and inferior opponent, and trotting out their new free agent addition........and they still had to hold on for dear life....

I wanna see that Stroud and Peterson are both playing or else Pitt is gonna run all over them.


Good luck!
Wow.. I agree with you on everything except Washington this week.

BOL Smh.
Excellent take in my opinion SMH GL 2 u !

"One of the top reasons that squares or people new to handicapping lose money is because they put way too much stock in last weeks results."

words to live by SMH212 ( 2006)
solid card, smh

yeah...trying to bring myself to take Wash +7 too, and fade dallas a bit. most times, a FG decides it...but still contemplating this one.

BOL today. with ya on TB.:cheers:
Thanks fellas. Looks like that's gonna be my card. My add a fade here, we'll have to see what develops!
came in here...thought i'd see the eagles as a play....not that you're a homer or anything....but with the line dropping to 2.5 ......i see some value here

the phila defense is much better than Indy's D and i see eli struggling....

good luck
Looks real good bro.

Lions showed the defensive potential last season at times but they defensive players got frustrated with the 'wet toast' offense and thats when started leaking. Shaun Rogers is so huge. The guy is dominant. Big change from preseason when he sat out and they got shredded.

We'll see how team reacts to Roy guaranteeing the win last Monday. I would rather a player thats productive day in and day out do that(lol). Hopefully he doesn't pull a Sheed from last May and stink it up in a guarantee game.

GL today..I think it should be a great day.
Thanks fellas! Adding three FADES:

BROWNS +10.5, -110
RAIDERS +13.5, -110
49ers +3, +107

Good Luck!