NFL W 1...Going off the rails on these crazy plays



49ers vs Arizona over 48.5 +102 wager 115 profit 117...

Kurt Warner owns the 49ers. 4 of 6 starts, he's thrown for over 300 yards. 49ers may have improved the offense, but the 49erD stinks. 35-17 Arizona

Cinn vs KC -1.5 wager 100 profit 101...

KC at home, opening day. To me...I dont see Cinn walking into Arrowhead, and serving Chief Stew. Close game, I'll give it to KC...24-21

That's all I got for now...

Crazy...But thats how it goes.:cheers:

KC is now a pkem! Think I will wait...I may GET points!

Crazy...but thats how it goes.:cheers:
Arizona over is 43.5...Sorry...looking at too many games at once.:shake:
Crazy...Teaser...6 Point...4 Team...wager 50 profit 150
Arizona -3
Buffalo +15 1/2
Chiefs +7
Philadelphia even
:down:Cinn vs KC -1.5 wager 100 profit 101...

Crazy...Teaser...6 Point...4 Team...wager 50 profit 150

money;49ers vs Arizona over 43.5 +102 wager 115 profit 117...

They may score 75 at this point. Late play coming:shake:

Crazy...But thats how it goes:cheers:
Indy -3 +108 wager 50 profit 54. Big brother P, gets it done tonight. Not gonna let his little bro beat him, and I still think Indy will put up alot of points this season.:cheers:
CBX & Yanks:shake:

2-2 +21

Hopefully find some more next weekend.:wacka wacka:

6-1 Run in;

Crazy, but thats how it goes.:cheers: