NFL Trifecta


Pretty much a regular
CFB YTD 17-19

Back to my bread and butter. Let's get to it.

1. Cincinnati -4.5 @ TB
Why will this game be close? Cincinnati cruised through it's first three games inlcuding two road wins over KC and Pitt. They had a minor hickup two weeks ago against the Pats, but don't let that fool you. The fact is Cincinnati can score and TB doesn't have the defense to slow this offense down. Cincinnati's TO prone defense will have 1-2 takeaways from Gratikowidontknowhowtospellit. Cincinnati puts up an impressive victory. Cincinnati 31 TB 16

2. Seattle @ St. Louis +3
The loss of Sean Alexainder is going to hurt this team much, much more than expected. St. Louis is built to play at home and simply outscores Seattle. St. Louis wins a close one. St. Louis 31 Seattle 27

3. Carolina +3 @ Baltimore
Steve McNair is awful. Just absolutely awful. Carolina wins a defensive battle. Carolina 23 Baltimore 13
2-1 on the day......

4. Oakland +14.5 @ Denver
I'm sure the public is just all over Denver, but 14.5 is a large, large number in the NFL. Oakland may be bad, but they still have pride. I don't see anyway Oakland comes out on national television and just rolls over. Randy Moss seems to always play big in the spotlight games and I don't see any difference here. Denver's lackluster offense continues to struggle. Denver wins, but in a much closer contest then expected. Denver 23 Oakland 17
5. Chicago @ Arizona +11.5
Rex Grossman comes back to reality as Arizona finds their offense. Arizona's home crowd will be a huge factor that keeps them close. Chicago wins a close one. Chicago 20 Arizona 17