NFL Over/Under System week 15

Ok boys here are the plays for this week. Technically 6 plays but I have dropped all under bets cause the OVERS seem to be about flawless. Undefeated through the past 5 weeks i have been tracking and $$$$ when I backtracked them from last year.

#1. CLEV/BALT OVER 33.5 (I capped at 39.5)

#2. TB/CHI OVER 33.0 (I capped at 40.0)

#3. STL/OAK OVER 38.0 (I capped at 45.0)

#4. MIA/BUFF OVER 34.0 (I capped at 42.0)

If I were playing the unders the two games would be:

***Dall/Atl Under 43.5 (I capped at 38.0)
***K.C/Denv Under 47.0 (I capped at 39.5)

Good luck on everyones picks this week. Shammy (Shamrock) im rooting for you in all your plays but i hope you are wrong about the INDY -3.0. Gotta root for my boys. Hopefully you will hit all your other games and Cin will win that one. You would be happy with a 6-1 week right??? I agree on the under on that game for sure even though it isnt a play for my system. Cinc's defense has giving up 17 points in 3 weeks and has been lights out after the 42 point second half San Diego debackle. Not to mention i think cincy will be pounding the ball on Indy 5.4 rush yards per carry defense and kill lots of clock and get the yards on the ground and then go to the air on 3rd downs. I'll shut up its the NFL who the fuck knows what will happen.
lets do this man... glad i got you over here! i need your boy palmer to take me to my fantasy finals :)
btw i can see both those unders happen, might do a lil parlay on them.

man those overs look rough, but lets do it.
Good to see ya.........CARSON

the picks look right, I'll put up some stats, trends, and shit tomorrow!

Hell yah, I'll take 5-1!!!!!!!!!

talk to you tomorrow.
good call shammy. should say k.c/s.d. horrible about proofreading. good catch. finger11, you from the dc area??? i grew up in annandale.
Had insomnia, just played these early. I have three weeks to turn my season from red to black. I'll divide my bankroll into equal portions on each of your plays the next three weeks & see what happens.

Keep up the good work dude.
Carson4MVfnP said:
good call shammy. should say k.c/s.d. horrible about proofreading. good catch. finger11, you from the dc area??? i grew up in annandale.

yea man, grew up in woodbridge, and now live in arlington for the partying :cheers:
oh ya. nice partying but fucking expensive. I go home about once a year and drop more money in one night at a bar than i can do in a week here in nc. hell, they have $1 pitcher night on tuesdays here.

i know this is off subject but if you want a PS3 Sears online now has them in. Not a bad deal $899 for the 60GB and 5 games plus free shipping. EBworld had this bundle for round $1200 last week. Should sell out by tonight so I would jump on it if you want one. Also walmart has a bundle for sale now to but it is almost $1400 for the console and a shitload of extras. They are saying you will have it before Xmas if you order by the 17th. Peace
zeke. like the attitude. i couldnt sleep at night when i was in the red. Bet smart but get it back. 3 weeks left there should be at least 10-15 more plays. dont try and get it all back in one bet, that will be the one that loses. Then after that we got college basketball. Best time of the fucking year.
Speaking of that will you be posting those plays in the College Hoop forum here? I recall you saying at Covers you don't really get into it til inter-conference games start.
had just reliezed that the line for tonights game has moved drastically. What the hell happened? Snow, rain, wind??? didnt track this game too much cause I had it capped at 43.5 and the line was 45 to begin the week. Did I jot this spread down wrong or did it really move that much? With 5 mins till gametime I am not going to bet on it but would have a heavy lean towards the over at 37.5. Wish I had payed more attention yesterday/today.
2-1 so far. Thanks for the 20 yard performance by asshole Harrinington. Its not like you were playing the 85 bears in January, dipshit. Still a good day with one more left. Lets do this
2-2 on the day. Not what I was hoping for but even minus juice. No play tonight, but as a Bengals fan, I am actually liking the under. Best defensive performance the past 3 games I have seen in 10 years. Werent playing the best offenses but they still shut down 3 teams in the NFL, which is not easy to do. Got a feeling without Dallas Clark tonight the Colts are going to have problems scoring in the 30's. With the Bengals linebacking core in the shape they are in (hurt/suspended/broken neck, etc), Dallas's Clark health would make a big differance in the game. I know i know Harrison & Wayne. But ill match that with 5.4 yard average in rushing defense for the Colts and Rudi Johnson being the beast he is. GO BENGALS!!
Carson...I couldn't agree more...I'm thinking about playing the U myself. I love the Colts, and hate betting the games, but W/O Clark the Colts are going to be limited in the middle of the field. I think the Bengal LBs can keep up w/ Utech, but Clark might have been a different story. Without a threat in the middle of the field, the Bengals can allow the safeties to cheat towards Marvin and Reggie. LB's in zone can help w/ the crossing paterns and slow down the Colts runners.

I expect the Colts to do everything they can to shore up their leaking run D and pressure Palmer when he does drop back. Assuming Rudy doesn't break off a number of big runs, the clock will run for a large portion of this game.

The only way these teams will cover this large of a number is through the air. Anything can happen tonight, but I'm leaning towards the U if the Bengals try to exploit the Colts weak run D.