NFL Oakland vs. Philadelphia Discussion



Lets discuss Sunday night's NFL preseason matchup. Who are you picking and why?
Not sure as of yet.

I got to read more from coaches and players and see what plans are.

Obviously, each team will take preseason differently. Depth and postiton battles are key.

Early lean is Phila though
Ditto...I've seena bunch on OAK...but my lean is philly...I wanna read the Sat press confs first, but my all weak line was on philly....

I do wanna check on Westbrook's flu and a few other things...first....
Reid (10-17 in the preseason) is saying that each unit will get a quarter of action. The Eagles have alot of little injuries to some key players, so I doubt they will see much action.

From a motivational standpoint, this game means a helluva lot more to Shell and the Raiders.

I'm on OAKLAND +146
I'm thinking the same thing...couple injuries for OAK to key players, but as a whole, Philly has a lot of the nagging injuries...both teams want to get off on a good start, but Reid hasn't placed alot of emphasis on preseason success..this game is always a little more serious..being the HOF game..but everything seems to be pointing towards the Raiders...

I'm on OAK ML as well...
LOL...B. Lang,

Good stuff fellas.

Prolly a lay off for me. Was liking the over a bit but I hate NFL totals because the fuckin clock is always moving unlike CFB.
I think the Raiders by10.

I usually don't bet preseason though. I'd rather take my chances on starters for 60 minutes.

we have seen how philly will play this game, anyone know how long raiders starters will play?
I listened to ESPN radio with Sean and the dorky guy Clayton. Doesnt seem like the Raiders coach is that interested in winning this game. Basically they said Brooks isnt assured to be the starter going into this year.. I think they like the Walter kid. Look for him to do well.. Im leaning towards Oakland just matters how my other plays go before i play this one.
it's impossible to get a read on Shell...he's like talking to my wife when gilmore girls is on....he gives stock answers for everything and no insight...have to see how it plays out..