NCAA Week 9

J Galt

Everyone's got a price.....
YTD +~11 units

Hokies +5 (+100) - 1 unit - Not crazy about this play seeing so many on the Chokies, but I'll give them a look to keep this close as Beamer knows this is probably it for them if they stink it up again.

Good luck everybody
UVA -1.5 (-108) - 2 units - Really don't like how this developed all week, as I saw Dr. Bob jump on them and the line move against me several times. Still think the boys should win this game as they have really improved despite still making the mistake of running slow developing plays to the outside with a power RB and not taking ANY chances on short yardage downs. I think they are the better team and this is the last game that they have a real good chance at winning on the schedule. I'm hoping to see the first complete game out of the Hoos this year.

Indiana +7 (-105) - 1 unit - Looks a little easy, but people looking at Indy's performance last week against OSU when judging this one. Hoeppner is one of my favorite coaches right now and I think they fight like hell to get the W in this winnable game.

Good luck guys, back soon with more
GL JG - see they hit Va. again just a few minutes ago. I think they should get it done.
Ball St +5.5 - 1 unit
Army +5.5 - 1 unit
Miss St (-105) - 2 units
Colorado +1.5 - 1 unit - Can't understand this line so I'm taking CU, they should really be getting 4 here, no??
Thanks bull, NCSU looks like they're going to wind up winning this game, Stone is in and is picking on the weak LB corps over the middle. Only a matter of time in the 2h before they're on the scoreboard.
Miami +5 - 1 unit - Think, even though Miami has been awful this year, that they have the athletes to give GT trouble in this game. I think they come out with some emotion to make a small attempt to salvage this seaosn for them.
So Carolina +3.5 - 2 units - This team is so much improved with Newton running the show, I'm thinking they'll be super up for this game tonight and give the Vols fits.

Wazzu +3 (+100) - 2 units - A very good defense coming up against a team coming off of a really crushing loss in a game they should have won last week. Love Doba and hopefully he can get this much needed win for this team in search of a big bowl bid this year.

Passing Baylor. It's tempting, but it seems like everyone and their father is on them, so I can't do it. Watch them be a winner and these two pigs be losers....

GL all
Thanks bull, you're the man, but you had what you liked the wrong way, I guess, the Canes shit the goddamn bed tonight :down: