NCAA Week 11

J Galt

Everyone's got a price.....
YTD + ~6 units

Got fucking creamed last week. What an unmitigated disaster, I passed on a ton of winners and gobbled up every fucking loser I could find. What a shit show.

Rutgers 1h +3.5 (+100) - 2 units - I think these guys really have to fire out of the gate if they're going to have a chance in this game. They need to control clock, put up points early, and hold off that potent Louis. team as much as possible. Hopefully they can get up and get after it, I'm just taking them in the 1h because I think if they get down early, they are going to have trouble staying in it and the 6.5 for the game won't come into play.

Good luck to everybody tonight
JGalt -

I don't usually laugh out loud when I read posts, but I did when I read your first two lines. LMFAO. I can hear the disdain very clearly.

I like your take on the first half. If I liked Rutgers, I would agree with your analysis.

Good health.
Thanks ATP.

Ramble, glad I could brighten your day a little bro. :cheers:

Glad to see you posting here and look forward to your thoughts.
I don't want to talk about Rutgers last night.

UAB -2 (-108) - 1 unit - This team has burned me a bit this year, but I'm not above just fading Jordan Palmer here, as this kid remains overrated. Hopefully UAB can show up for once and play some offense.

GL everybody
smh, he'd be a great player if he could stay healthy, which has held him back from being a star in college IMO. Not sure he's durable enough to be an every down back, but he could definitely play the role of a 'Thunder' in a Thunder and Lightning split backfield like Dunn and Duckett in ATL in the past.
Hope you're asking for my plays so you can fade em, Ramble, because that's all they're really good for now. Please fade away, somebody should win some money:

Nebraska PK - 3 units - Think the Huskers are in a nice spot in this game to show up and make a statement that they are a solid team worthy of a nice bowl this year. These are the type of games this talented bunch really needs, hopefully they come out and play like they're capable today.

Illinois -3 - 2 units - Love Juice and really like this team on defense, they have improved by leaps and bounds this season. I still hate Zook and really don't like trusting him with my money laying points, but I'll give him one last try before I give up on him this season.

EMU +16 (-102) - 2 units - Heard a ton all week about how there is really no reason to even play this game, as EMU can't stop the run and can't pass, which is the weakness of Navy's D. I've backed this EMU team a ton this season, and they have been a pretty scrappy bunch, keeping most games close. I realize the MAC is shit and Navy would probably be the best team in the conference if they played in it, but I still think this lively bunch is going to show up and get after it today.

Indiana +19 (-105) - 1 unit - A terrible hiccup in a tough place to play last week, but I still like Hoeppner getting big points at home, as he knows how to motivate. If Michigan is up 2 scores in the 4th, hopefully they'll do the smart thing and sit the starters for next week.

Marshall +7.5 - 1 unit - Hate going against this scrappy, underrated ECU team, but I think Marshall has the people capable to compete in this game. They've improved and shown that they are capable of putting up points, so hopefully they'll show up today and get after it.

Tulane +4 (-102) - 1 unit - Tough game to bet again, as So Miss has much better players, but I think Tulane has gotten better and are really live at home. Hopefully they show up today and play with some emotion.

SMU +3 (-102) - 1 unit - Have to say that I'm no longer crazy about this line here, but I think Houston has a little letdown after the big win last week and I truly don't believe that their defense is as good as everyone seems to think. They're not to be gone against at home, but I'll take my chances against them on the road.

New Mexico +5 (-105) - 1 unit - Really loved this line when it was at 8, but Dr. Bob decided to come in and smash this line way down. TCU has not impressed me this season like everyone expected them to and NM has woken up from their early season slumber. I think the Lobos should give the Frogs a lot of trouble on their field today.

Air Force +12 - 1 unit - This line is simply fishy, why would ND be giving less to AF than Navy, who is superior? I think it's because AF is more two-dimensional than the Mids and I think they will go after ND and give them some trouble on their field today. Should be a pretty good one.

Good luck everybody, if you're smart (or lucky) you're on the other side of these, as I'm cold as ice the last couple weeks. Need to turn it around this week or my season will be over before the bowls even start.
The bloodbath continues. This can't get any worse, I don't think, and I'm totally expecting to lose everything from here on out. When it rains, Uncle Galtie gets it in the shitter.

SJSU +13.5 - 1 unit
J Galt said:
The bloodbath continues. This can't get any worse, I don't think, and I'm totally expecting to lose everything from here on out. When it rains, Uncle Galtie gets it in the shitter.

SJSU +13.5 - 1 unit

We have all been there...but...the good thing is you are a very good capper and it will turn around quick. Lets get these late games in and salvage the day:cheers:
Last one of the day, I need to quit now. Passing LSU, Arky, and UCLA. I'm going to go have a drink or 12.

KSU +16.5 (-105) - 1 unit
Thanks Al, but I don't know too many good cappers who have had weeks like the ones I have had the last 2.5. Just can't get a right side.