Ncaa Week 11 Plays


NCAA CFB 2002-2003
Sides 118-88 +$7,028

NCAA CFB 2003-2004
Sides 124-103 +$7,542
Teasers/Pleasers/Parlays 1-6 +$1,000
Total 125-109 +$8,542

NCAA CFB 2004-2005
Sides 111-109 –$1,818
Player Props - 62-44 +$9,010
Teasers/Pleasers/Parlays - 7-9 +$460
Total 173-153 +$7,652

NCAA CFB 2005-2006
Sides 60-50 +$3,526
Player Props 40-17 +$7,937
Total 100-67 +$11,463

NCAA CFB 2006-2007
Sides 68-50 +$7,656
Player Props 53-32 +$5,930
Future Plays 1-0 +$500
Total 122-82 +$14,086

Had a much better week going 5-2 on my sides and 4-2 on my props winning close to 2 grand. Hopefully that puts the end to a shaky October, which is usually pretty common for me. Taking off to Dallas this week for the MLS Cup so trying to get my plays in early on here. I have a feeling the BCS picture like every year will clear up this week to stop all the nonsense talking of who belongs where. GL this week fellas!

Rutgers +7 (-120) ($300)

Really nothing to back this up except that I really want Rutgers to win so Texas makes one step closer to the BCS title game. I have tickets to the game and Texas most go. I’ve been lucky of late with winnings, business deals, pussy, and fantasy football. So what the hell.

Maryland –3 ($400)

Hate to go against emotion but Miami has one of the toughest seasons for a program then what I can remember. Also Maryland is playing great ball of late and this is a road game I’d feel differently if this game were played in Miami.

Indiana +19.5 ($300)

Michigan was looking ahead already last week vs a pathetic Ball St. team and I see the same here. Next week’s game is more then just a rivalry its for all the marbles.

Cincy +19.5 ($300)

Huge letdown game vs WVU as their title hopes are gone. Three scores is a lot vs a Cincy team that can be pesky.

Nebraska –1 ($300)

Corn aggie vs real aggie. Aggie’s hopes of a showdown vs Texas are gone in their heartbreaking loss. To beat Nebraska you need to be able to throw the ball.

SC +14 (-115) ($500)

Florida’s offense hasn’t looked great of late and my oh my would the ole ball coach love to stick it to his former team. Plus once again I have tickets to Glendale and I need Florida to lose.

Texas Tech +10 (-118) ($300)

I keep betting against OU and they keep winning. Hate to give the dirt burglar coach credit but Stoops has done a helluva a job this year. Sand aggie though has looked good of late and will put up points. Not sure if OU is strong enough on the offensive side of the ball to beat TT by double digits.

KSU +17.5 ($300)

Call me crazy but this is a night game that a lot of people will be watching on primetime. Much like USC has close calls on the road in conference play Texas will as well because well every team and fan in the league pretty much hates them. Every team is gunning for the Horns and gives them their best especially when they are at home with a frenzy crowd behind them. Kansas aggie has played good ball of late, have become eligible for a bowl and our still as crazy as it sounds mathematically still in the hunt for the Big 12 north title. Texas hopefully isn’t looking ahead to real aggie. This game will be a lot closer then many think.
Dang that looks a whole lot like my card. No opinion on the KSU or TT. On the other side of the UofL/RU game. G/L
Shocked to see you on KSU, and I agree with everything you say about the game. Of course UT is the better team, but Freeman has looked like a real QB throwing the ball lately and they'll obviously be really up for this game. I think the Cats make it interesting to watch, and will probably take a look at them as well.

GL this week
i love cinci this week. huge letdown for w va. cincinatti probably leads at halftime, they might even win straight up. cinci has hung with ohio st and va tech for the first half. almost beat louisville. saturday might be the day they finally hang on.
Like the Cincy play horn..............gonna wait it out & see if I can get more than 20 @ Pinny.

GL this week.......
Really like the SC game and the Maryland game. Hoping that the Gators get some Spurrier burgers for lunch.............. I am still a little hot about their poor game against LSU :-(
I agree. I could definitley see SC upsetting the Gators.

jgalt, 17.5 is alot of points on the road for a team that is going bowling.
SHSUHorn said:
I agree. I could definitley see SC upsetting the Gators.

jgalt, 17.5 is alot of points on the road for a team that is going bowling.

K St. sucks horn. The UT D Line will be tackling Freeman before he even takes his drop. KSt. O line is terrible. Here's a prediction. Texas will have more points than K St. will have rushing yards.
Junior Taylor UNDER 3 Receptions (-180) ($400)

Oregon QBs +30.5 Passing Yards vs Booty (-175) ($400)

Tenn Qbs -28.5 Passing Yards vs Arkie Qbs (-200) ($400)

Meachum -26 Receiving Yards vs Monk (-165) ($300)