NCAA Week 10

J Galt

Everyone's got a price.....
YTD +~10 units

UAB +5 (+100) - 2 units - Like the Blazers to hang tough tonight, they're not as bad as they're being made out to be. They really need this one to stay in the bowl hunt, and I think they come out fired up.

Good luck everybody
Great night last night, I really appreciated UAB shitting their pants at every opportunity they had. Oh, and the officiating was nice as well.

Boise -22 (-104) - 2 units - Laying this much chalk is enough to make me want to vomit. Still wondering why i played a team with a shitty defense laying 3+, but hopefully these fuckers decide to step it up and stop somebody tonight.

Good luck everybody
Louisville +105 - 4 units - Really discouraged to see how popular this got over the course of the week, it seems like every capper (both good and bad) is on the Ville tonight. I really like this team, however, they are really loaded athletically and should be able to get some things done against what I think is a suspect defense in WVU. On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Slaton and White run all over them tonight, as Louis has been mistake prone this year so far. Hopefully this doesn't burn my ass, I hate taking something so popular, but I had it circled for a while, so I'm going to go with it.

Good luck everybody
Dook +10 - 1 unit - Again not learning my lesson on this team, who has stunk out loud when playing competition close to their level. I'm hoping they can give this run game some trouble today, as that has been about all they have done well this year so far.

GL everybody
Colorado -3.5 (-103) - 3 units - Probably a boneheaded play, taking a team with such a weak offense to cover over a FG, but really haven't been impressed with KSU so far. They got a lopsided win over an ISU team that quit in the 2h, but I think they will come up against a much tougher foe today. I think CU pulls out all the stops to get their second win of the year, they need to work towards their future and have to have games like this one if they want to march back to respectability. Hopefully they come out and show something today, really hate that hook but not willing to spend the money to buy it down.
Tulsa -2 (-105) - 1 unit - Got some halfway decent value here with this line going down after the touts jumped on Houston. I'll give it a try, although it's tough to go against the Cougs in there own place.
Laffy +3 - 1 unit - Hope Lou La can show up for this game to make up for their bedshitting last week.
An absolutely horrible day so far. Jesus Christ.

So Caro +3 - 2 units
NCSU +4.5 - 2 units
Wake +4 - 2 units
UNT -2 - 1 unit

Looking to make sure that I lose all of my profits for the year today, so lets get started with this!
Please fade all these, people. Make some money for yourself.

Miami +1.5 - 1 unit
Oklahoma -2.5 (-105) - 1 unit
SJSU -5 (-108) - 1 unit