Ncaa Cfb Week Six


NCAA CFB 2002-2003
Sides 118-88 +$7,028

NCAA CFB 2003-2004
Sides 124-103 +$7,542
Teasers/Pleasers/Parlays 1-6 +$1,000
Total 125-109 +$8,542

NCAA CFB 2004-2005
Sides 111-109 –$1,818
Player Props - 62-44 +$9,010
Teasers/Pleasers/Parlays - 7-9 +$460
Total 173-153 +$7,652

NCAA CFB 2005-2006
Sides 60-50 +$3,526
Player Props 40-17 +$7,937
Total 100-67 +$11,463

NCAA CFB 2006-2007
Sides 48-29 +$7,777
Player Props 32-20 +$2,995
Total 80-49 +$10,772

Another profitable week for me as most of my big plays hit including the steal of Texas over SHSU. Going to try and stay away from the midweek games just for action purposes because I’m just throwing money away with losses. Will see if I can do it lol. Also if you don’t have an account with pinnacle get one. The lines that are first released on Sunday move more now then anytime I can remember. Lots of value being lost for those that wait to long.

Aggie PK @ Kansas ($400)

A&M is a terrible road team so that does worry me but there is just no way they can lose this game. Franchione is pretty much playing for his coaching life here. After losing to TT once again at home Aggie nation is calling for Fran’s head. Kansas played its Super Bowl last week in Lincoln as they surprisingly came back and almost beat Nebraska in OT. No stats, no trends for me here as A&M must win this game or they will be the laughing stock of the Big 12 very soon.

Actually they already are. Did anyone else see the game last week with all the Corp Cadets lining up ass to each others crotch squeezing their nuts grimacing in pain? Oh my god if any of my Orangebloods have that pic please post it in here. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life.

Mizzu @ TX Tech PK ($500)

So the only week I don’t bet TT they cover. Okay I’m jumping back on the bandwagon. This line actually opened as TT as the dog? Wow missed that number but didn’t let it get to far for making it a play. Mizzu hasn’t beaten anyone to warrant being an opening road fave at Lubbock. TT is almost unbeatable at home as the rabid tortilla throwing Red Raider fans make it a hostile environment for any opponent. They have won 13 of their last 14 games with the only loss being to the national champs that year in Texas.

Oregon @ Cal –3.5 ($400)

Another line that has just been all over the place. I actually wanted Oregon at +7.5 when it opened but missed out and after looking into this game a little more and seeing it fall to almost a FG I jumped on it. Cal is just steamrolling teams now that Longshore has put the UT game behind him. If Paul Thompson and the Sooners were able to throw and run all over these guys Cal will as well especially at home where they have won 12 of its last 14 games.

LSU PK @ Florida ($400)

I haven’t been able to figure out this damn conference all year and will give up if both these road plays (LSU & UT) blow up in my face. LSU is the better team hands down IMO. Coaching edge I give to Florida big time though. Something’s got to give. LSU has won the last two meetings and have covered 5 of the last 7 meetings. Florida RB Wynn is questionable with a knee injury and they will need him as LSU shut down Meyer’s offense last year and bring the nations top ranked defense to the Swamp this weekend.

PSU –3 @ Minnesota ($400)

Huge mismatch up front in this game as the PSU DL is going to handle UM OL. Minny was able to run all over the pansies on the schedule but you could see the OL struggles when they stepped up against a team the caliber of Cal. PSU the only team that gave OSU a slight scare this year is a lot better then what many are basing off the ND game.

Tenn –2.5 @ Georgia ($500)

Here I go again taking another road fave in the SEC. This game I do like a lot because Georgia is just awful on offense and by far the most overrated team in the top 10 right now. Scoring 14 points in consecutive weeks vs lowly CU and Ole Miss won’t be enough vs the Vols. Georgia hasn’t scored a point in the first half of the last two weeks, and its four touchdown drives in that span have averaged 51 yards. The Bulldogs’ average drive this season consumes 47.7 yards, the fewest in the SEC, and Georgia is one of only two conference teams without a scoring drive of more than five minutes.

Texas –1 vs OU ($500) & UNDER 50 ($700)

Go look at my thread “hit these now” as this was a future play I had at Pretty much thought it was free money but not as confident as I once was after seeing Paul Thompson play this year. Must say the kid has surprised me and has looked decent this year and the OL has stayed healthy and given AD just enough room and well just enough room is all he needs.

On the injury front lots of Horns have been dinged up of late. DE Brian Robison the best pass rusher on the team and the player that absolutely destroyed Bomar play after play last year said he will be ready to go. He dressed for last week’s game but admitted if he played he would’ve been at 70%. Robison is one of Texas better players and we saw the effects of losing him in the tOSU game this year where he didn’t start the game because of pneumonia and when he did play was very ineffective, leaving Smith all day to throw. LB Drew Kelson was quoted yesterday saying that he is finally 100% which is also key since another starting LB Rod Muckelroy is out with a broken finger. RB Selvin Young didn’t dress last week after hurting his ribs and I haven’t heard anything on his status. With OU on tap I’d be surprised if any of these players didn’t play.

A lot of pressure on both teams this Saturday. In yesterday’s press conference at least Mack and the players didn’t have to go through the 100 questions of will you ever beat OU. The heat will be on if Texas does lose this game and especially on Greg Davis if it’s another pathetic offense performance. If Texas loses you will start to hear more of the “Mack can’t win without VY” all day long.

Stoops and OU isn’t exactly playing with out any pressure either. This may be OU’s best chance to win this game for a couple of years. This defense will be losing some stud SRs after this year and next year they won’t have a QB worth a shit and Peterson is 99% sure of going to the NFL. Texas has brought in back to back top 3 classes while OU has seen a huge drop-off in recruiting in the 2006 & 2007 classes. This series has always come in streaks and if Texas takes this one expect another in UT’s favor.

I think this game is going to be very low scoring affair that will come down to the end. If you were able to get OU +8 or the line I got on Texas great but other then that I would stay away from the side and go with the under.

Texas has one of the best rush defenses in the country only giving up 36 ypg. Yes they have played a lot of cupcakes but even watching the OSU game Pittman & Wells had absolutely no where to go. So it’s going to be up to Paul Thompson and Malcom Kelley to beat the Texas secondary. Smith, Ginn, and Gonzalez were able to do it vs a secondary that was missing its best CB and lost its starting FS in the 1st quarter of that game. Both are playing this Saturday and PT and Kelly aren’t exactly Smith and Ginn. Texas should hold OU’s offense in check.

What will Texas do on offense? Will Davis attack or play it close to the vest? My gut feeling is Davis plays it close to the vest and Texas will be very conservative vs OU. OU though statistically is fielding its worse defense going into this game since Stoops’ first season. The DL has not shown up this year and with the mammoth Texas OL this is where the damage can be done in the running game. I really can see a 14-10 type ball game here fellas.

Best trend for the game? The last three times Texas has played a freshman QB in this game they have won (Applewhite, Gardere, Brown).

Louisville –30 @ MTENN ($400)

Louisville has the best offense in football and now is the time on the schedule they must murder everyone they play to get the attention of the voters. They are facing a MTENN team that has one of the worst offenses and just came off a 59-0 ass whopping by OU. Nuff said.

SDST @ BYU –26.5 ($400)

BYU is quietly putting together a pretty good season. They took both Arizona and BC down to the wire in last second losses and have been impressive in wins vs Tulsa, Utah St., and TCU. Their top 5 passing attack should have no problem vs a SDSU team that hasn’t been able to score or stop anyone since Connell went down in the opener.

GL everyone!!
With you on Tech...also got it at a pick'em.

I have a hard time betting on A&M...everytime I do, I am reminded just how bad they are, and KU has been good to me this year.

I middled the Cal/Oregon game at 5 and 7.5. I never saw it drop to 3.5. I think Cal wins this game pretty easily and I am thinking of making another bet on them later in the week.

I middled the LSU/Florida game as well...LSU +2 and Florida +3. I think LSU is the better team, but Florida does have the home field and they also get the benefit of facing Miles.

Love the Tenn play...Georgia is not good.

Middled the Texas game at Texas -3.5 and OU +7.5. As a longhorn fan, I would also advise people to stay away. It wouldn't surprise me if OU won outright or if Texas won by 20. Either could easily happen.

LOVE the under in the Texas game. Both Defenses should do an excellent job on their offensive counter-parts. Texas has the ability to put up some points on the OU D, but I really am lacking faith in Greg Davis to put up 30+ on them.


I got Lville at -30 and really think they should win this one easily. When I bet the big favorites, I look at how many points they will realistically score. I think that Lville puts up at least 45, which means Middle Tenn needs 14+ to cover (not gonna happen).

I am staying away from the BYU game...not sure why. I had it circled, but I am just not sure they put up the necessarily 40+ to cover.

Look at Fresno -27 @ Utah State...I think this is a similiar type game, but safter. I know BYU is definitely better than Fresno, but I have Utah State right up there with Temple as the worst team in Div1. I expect them to give up 35+ and a shutout or scoring only 7 is very probable.
Also, SHSU, where in the world did you find Cal -3.5? Sign me up cuz I've been waiting for that line to drop but the lowest I've seen is -5.5. I think Cal can take this by 10 but I'd feel better with a line like 3.5. Oregon run D got owned by Fresno and OU (154 yards for Wright and 211 for Peterson) and Cal is steamrolling teams right now. None of those teams were of the caliber of Oregon but I like the way they're playing.
Nice card Horn! I could not agree more on the UNDER in the Texas-OU game. Good luck this week!
mbarnett, good find on jumping on those early lines for a chance at some middles.


albyman, got Cal Sunday afternoon when the lines came back up. Was actually at 3 when I saw but didn't grab it in time.
SHSUHorn said:
fondy, you can call me king smodod.


Horn - Great looking card as usual!

With you on Texas & Louisville this week. Love both sides in those spots.

As much as it pains me to say it, I think your BYU play is solid. Not only is it a huge revenge spot for the Cougars, but SDSU probably couldn't score on a Div-1 AA squad right now. We are fucking horrible. I'm hoping we win one game this season...and at this point, it seems like a stretch (we got drilled by SJS, so Cal Poly isn't even a sure thing).

GL this week! :cheers:
Loving 3 of them, my friend......Penn St....LSU.....CAL

Keep it up:wacka wacka: :wacka wacka:
SHSUHorn said:
mbarnett, good find on jumping on those early lines for a chance at some middles.


albyman, got Cal Sunday afternoon when the lines came back up. Was actually at 3 when I saw but didn't grab it in time.

Somebody please explain to me what the hell they are doing? It looks like a Yag congo line or something. :confused:
Aztec4Life said:
Somebody please explain to me what the hell they are doing? It looks like a Yag congo line or something. :confused:

Yeah where the fuck is Ricky Ricardo....? Really though what kind of shit is that?

GL Horn, nice looking card.
great picks this weekend.

im all over tenn(i got em -1 for -111)
cal i havent locked in yet, im waitin to see what the line does, but i think they get revenge for last year and will run all over oregon
louisville is another blowout special, petrino likes to emberass people
Brandon Cox –22 Passing Yards vs Mitch Mustain (-110) ($300)

Brandon Cox OVER 13 Completions (-165) ($400)

Jamarcus Russell OVER 17 Completions (-165) ($400)

Robert Johnson –20.5 Receiving Yards vs Brad Ekwerekwu ($300)
Mitch Mustain over 10 turnovers would be a nice prop as well. I watched that bama game and i almost threw up. Arkansas fans need to quit drinking the koolaid, this kid is decades away from bein good.
So will I, even if a sooner guy. For those that got in early, a great middle opportunity. My big thing, they do NOT open a line at -10 and have it fall to -3. Books are not that dumb, or else they would be out of business.
good luck to you horn, and dont fuck this up! i just tailed you w/ the money i made in baseball for the past 2 days....and damn you got some great lines!!!! (not playin 'em all, as i couldnt afford to...i flat bet)
smh, Great weekend for me. MY Horns vs OU and my boys vs your Eagles. My two favorite rivalries on one weekend.

Great looking card as usual, honestly can't argue any of the plays.

smh212 said:
I like Kansas as well today...Gl Horn.

he's on a&m...i liked kansas, but im tailing him...ku started a 10-0 run, and it would be tide right now but am had a fg blocked
shsu, thanks for a great day bro!!! never doubted the tex am pick for a second (rolling eyes)....went 4-2 on your picks today (+3 units as i put 2 units on the texas under)....once again, i thank you and keep up the good work!! i tailed you for a reason, you are very good and well respected.