Ncaa Cfb Week Four


NCAA CFB 2002-2003
Sides 118-88 +$7,028

NCAA CFB 2003-2004
Sides 124-103 +$7,542
Teasers/Pleasers/Parlays 1-6 +$1,000
Total 125-109 +$8,542

NCAA CFB 2004-2005
Sides 111-109 –$1,818
Player Props - 62-44 +$9,010
Teasers/Pleasers/Parlays - 7-9 +$460
Total 173-153 +$7,652

NCAA CFB 2005-2006
Sides 60-50 +$3,526
Player Props 40-17 +$7,937
Total 100-67 +$11,463

NCAA CFB 2006-2007
Sides 26-20 +$2,355
Player Props 22-13 +$2,250
Total 48-33 +$4,605

Sorry guys its been a hectic week for me but the lines on Sunday at pinny were very sweet. Love this weeks card. I should be done with the write-ups shortly. For tonight only one play don't like either side.

GT/UVA UNDER 39.5 ($300)

GT defense is just nasty. This will be an ugly game to watch and wouldn't be surprised to see Virginia score in single digits.
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1 play?!?!?!:hairout:

i waited 4 days for your post for 1 play!?!??!?!

j/k bro...good luck as always!!:smiley_acbe:
Northwestern @ Nevada –7 ($500)

After an emotional first game win over Miami Ohio for Coach Randy Walker reality has set in that NW has a lot of work to do overcoming some big time losses from last year particularly at QB after losing 4 year starter Brett Basanez. In their last two games both at home they have lost by 17 to Div 2 New Hampshire and beat Eastern Michigan 14-6 in a very ugly game that featured 19 punts and both teams not even being able to combine for 400 yards. NW ranks 95th in the country in scoring offense and 87th in total offense. They must now travel west to Nevada and play on their fast field, which has always troubled NW in the past because of their lack of team speed.

Nevada after losing its first two games on the road to Fresno St. and ASU dominated CSU in their home opener last week. Jeff Rowe completed 20-23 passes for 219 yards. While the stats don’t stand out yet for Nevada’s pistol offense they have played a far tougher schedule so far then NW and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nevada looked at the success of New Hampshire no huddle attack that confused the NW defense all day long.

NW doesn’t have enough on offense and having to travel west on a short week doesn’t help. Nevada covers the 7.

USC –15.5 @ Arizona ($500)

A lot of people were expecting big things from Zona this season because of the play of then frosh QB Willie Tuitama last year who started the final 5 games leading the Cats to 2 wins. So far this year he hasn’t looked to great as he only completed 48% of his passes in a last second win over BYU 16-13 and just got destroyed by LSU where he had only completed 8 passes for 50 yards and had 2 picks before getting knocked out of the game with a concussion. He came into the game last week in the 4th and hit 6-9 in Zona 28-10 win over SFA but Jesus were talking about SFA. Even without Tuitama there is no reason Zona should only be up 14-10 with 10 minutes to go in that game. I went to SHSU for two years and the Southland Conference absolutely BLOWS. SFA is the 13th best college team IN THE STATE OF TEXAS.

The LSU game is a good indication of what will happen in this game and the Trojans have already walked into a tough environment in blowing out Arkansas and have already faced a fast and tougher defense in Nebraska and passed with flying colors in both contest. USC wins by 3 TDs or more.

ASU @ Cal –7 ($400)

Jeff Tedford is 3-0 vs ASU including shutting them out the last time these two teams met 2 years ago. Which Cal team shows up? The one that got blown out at Tennessee or the squad that blew out Minnesota at home? ASU is 3-0 but against less then stellar competition in N. Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado. But even in those games you can see the holes in the ASU defense which is a gambling type defense that likes to bring the house to make up for an undersized and not very impressive front four. They do give up big plays because of this and haven’t been exactly putting on a tackling clinic to these eyes. Now they face a physical Cal OL and great backfield attack in Lynch and Forsett. Dirk Koetter has never won a Pac 10 game in Cali and that streak continues here as Cal rolls in this one.

ISU +25 @ Texas ($300)

What is this? The biggest homer on the site is going against his beloved Horns? I just don’t like what I’m seeing on offense from Greg Davis as to these eyes it seems he’s going back to his pre-VY days of being ultra-conservative with his QB and even more so with McCoy because he’s a freshman. After not looking great in the passing attack vs tOSU but awesome in the running attack you would think Davis would’ve called more passing plays for young McCoy vs Rice to get him ready for Big 12 play but Texas pounded the ball all day and McCoy only threw 8 passes all day.

This game is probably going to be the Big 12 championship title game at the end of the year as ISU does have a pretty potent offense. This will be the best QB and WR corp that Texas will see in Big 12 play. WR Todd Blythe is the best WR in the Big 12 and could pose some huge issues with his height. With Texas probably pounding the ball early and often burning the clock and the new rules burning about 10% of games from last year the backdoor should be wide open and this game will be a lot closer then many think.

Louisville –9 @ KSU ($500)

Best play on the board when the lines came out Sunday but damn I can’t believe its shot up to 14 so quick. KSU did lose its top pass catcher this week in Rashadd Norwood who was arrested after the game this past Saturday. Hunter Cantwell is the QB now that Brohm is out and he did throw for 113 yards and led them to 14 points vs Miami in the second half last week. Everyone loves to talk about Louisville’s high powered offense that ranks #1 in the land but the defense has been lights out as well only giving up 11.7 ppg.

Even with playing a cupcake schedule so far KSU has struggled on offense ranking 87th in total offense. If KSU can’t move the ball up and down the field vs the first 3 teams they played they won’t do it vs this Louisville defense. Petrino will always have one of the best offenses in football no matter whose at RB and QB. No way KSU keeps up with this offense and stays within the number.

Be back later with 6 more plays…
Looks great, Horn.
Yeah, things are looking bleak for NW. After this week in Nevada, NW looks like they'll have 7 straight conference losses on deck. It'll be a brutal stretch for them.

Got some great lines on USC, Louisville, and Cal. Definitely pays to be early...and ready when they're released on sunday. Still kicking myself for missing these.

BOL this weekend, buddy.:shake:
I agree yanks. Its a must to have an account with betcris and pinny to get the best lines possible on Sunday.
Definitely hit a couple good lines. I took Texas -23 just because of the two games I've seen ISU play. Couldn't get Cal @ -7 but made a small play @ 7.5 anyhow.

Like em all............maybe hit 24 on the Texas game & we'll both cash.

Look forward to the balance of your card.
Everybody has their own style, but for this CFB

bettor, Sunday night is when most of your bankroll is put into action for the following weekend's games.

It's all about value and _ if you have solid numbers _ there are always "*****s" in the linemaker's armor. You just have to have confidence in your process and react quickly when you believe a number is off the mark.

Most of my Sunday night betting is based on numbers and not preference of one side over the other.

SHSU Horn, FWIW, I have played five of the six games you posted in this thread (I have no play on the other, ISU-Texas, but will be in Austin for that one!).

BTW, Pinny opened Texas at minus 20 at 6 p.m. Central Sunday _ sort of an example of a good number for those who played the Horns "early."

Good luck to all,
Wow! Awesome catches on those lines Horn! With you on Louisville, Cal, USC, and Nevada. GL this week! :shake:
Like the card, I see that you got a number of the games in early as there has been alot of line movement this week in a # of games.

GL bro, looks good!

Yes I still like Louisville -14. A couple of years ago on Covers we tracked the opening line to the gametime line and it seemed like 95% of games covered no matter what line you have it at. When I play a game 2-3 point swing doesn't matter to me as I feel they will cover regardless. Recently though their have been some huge line movements from open to close. Not sure if its because pinny and offshore betting has grown so much or what but I haven't seen some of these 7-8 point shifts before at least to my knowledge.

Which is why you guys need to be on this site at 5:45 pm everday with rjurewitz's thread and your f5 button warmed up ready to fire away when the lines were released.

This weekend betcris actually came out first and some of my plays were there.
Good Luck this week Horn, I'll probably hit Iowa State & Cal with you, but I'm on the rest with you already it looks like. Like seeing most of us on the same sides again. Hopefully another good week.
Horn, how the hell can you go against our beloved Horns !?!?

I'm taking a shot with Texas in the 1st Half -13.5 and your other plays are solid as well. I really think the Horns come out strong in the opening. Good luck bro and HOOK 'EM !
Thanks guys. Hopefully Nevada holds on. Talk about a moosejob to NW backers. :moose:

cgreen, I capped USC -21 if thagt helps any. -23 is pushing it a little.
Great start to week

Card looks great...the early numbers will show that tomorrow.

Was starting to lean ISU way..glad to see yas on it.
Sorry guys know these were late just a crazy week...

WVU –19 @ E. Carolina ($400)

My future play of WVU to win it all (+2800) is looking pretty sweet with Louisville having some serious injury issues right now. WVU may hang 50 points here vs the E.Carolina defense who sits at 91st in the land in total defense and more importantly 109th vs the run. It’s not like E.Carolina opened against Texas, Miami, and ND either. Navy, UAB, and Memphis all moved the ball pretty well against them and they did lose two of those three games. Now they face the top rushing attack in the country at almost 350 ypg. I know the rushing stats are somewhat skewed vs Navy since all they do is run the ball but the fact they were able to roll up 406 yards with a Navy Qb playing his first ever game gives me all the confidence in the world to know Slaton & White will blow this game open on the ground.

Tulane @ LSU –35 ($400)
LSU –20.5 1H ($300)

Love playing LSU & Texas teams vs the instate pansies because the teams still get up because of instate ties maybe through HS, friends, family, etc. Not saying Tulane is a pansy because they did upset Miss. St. last week but a telling sign in that game is Miss. St scored nearly 30 points. Miss. St is just plain awful on offense. Tulane had the second worst defense in the country so LSU will score at will. LSU has won its last two post Auburn games 107-3. Tulane likes to air the ball out and will face the #1 pass defense in the country and a defense that had only given up 13 points…all year!

Okie. St +3 @ Houston ($400)

Interesting line that has shifted the total opposite way. Okie St. are they for real? They’ve beat SWMST, FLATL, and Arkie St. by an avg of 36 points. UH is in the same boat and haven’t exactly beaten anyone good either. UH has lost 19 straight vs the Big 12 and just look at the rosters and you can see the talent difference. Okie St. recruits very well in the city of Houston and has 19 players on its roster from Houston (including QB Bobby Reid) and surrounding cities that I’m sure UH would love to have on their team. . Big gap in talent for anyone that follows Texas HS football. UH doesn’t typically draw well at home so don’t buy into the preseason hype especially when I’m sure these 19 players plus the Okie St. alum living in Houston will be out in full force. Okie St. plus the points was a gift.

Colorado +26 @ Georgia ($300)

All Colorado needs is a TD and we get the cover. 1 TD. Georgia will not score 33 points vs a pretty good Colorado defense and a true frosh at QB that was thrown into the starting lineup do to injury. Now back to that 1 TD. Georgia has shut out its last two opponents and the CU offense has been just horrible. Okay so can we still get the cover if CU doesn’t even score? Possibly. Georgia scored 18 vs SC and 34 vs UAB. CU has a better defense then both squads and Georgia has struggled on offense this year. I’ll take my chances.

Penn St. @ Ohio St. –17 ($300)

The Penn St. defense isn’t nearly as good as it was last year and yes they looked horrible vs ND in getting spanked they weren’t really that impressive vs Akron or gulp..Youngstonw St. where Morrelli went 11 for 27. We’ve seen GT and Michigan harass Quinn and the ND OL but PSU couldn’t? Texas saw what happens when you give Smith and Co. time and I really think this game is going to be a blowout. Huge revenge factor as well and Ohio St. rolls in the Shoe.
Player Props

Bryan Cupito +58.5 Passing Yards vs Curtis Painter (-150) ($400)

Drew Stanton OVER 18.5 Pass Completions (-130) ($400)

Rhema Mcknight -5.5 Recieving Yards vs Kerry Reed (-150) ($400)

Troy Smith -35.5 Passing Yards vs Anthony Morrelli (-110) ($300)

Mike Hart -24.5 Rushing Yards vs PJ Hill (-175) ($500)

Ted Ginn -30.5 Recieving Yards vs Derrick Willaims (-110) ($300)

Ben Olson -42.5 Passing Yards vs Isaiah Stanback (-150) ($400)
Just added this play tonight

La. Tech @ Texas A&M -23.5 ($300)

A&M is not as bad as that Army score indicated and Fran is feeling the heat big time. He will need a big win in front of the folks at Kyle Field so I don't think he holds back here. The line is focusing way to much on the game vs Army and not on the fact that La. Tech blows ass. They are 1-1 on the year and they're only win was a come from behind win that needed 2 late TDs vs D2 Nicholls St. Tech run defense is one of the worst in the country and they gave up a ton of yards and 21 first Q points to Nicholls St. option attack. Aggie uses the same style of offense so expect a huge day on the ground and a blowout win for A&M.
Thank You SoonerBS for finding this line!

SE Louisiana @ Texas Tech -47 ($500)

TT offense got embarrased last week and Mike Leach isn't thrilled. He told QB Graham Harrell he will bench him if he doesn't get bigger plays IE throw the ball down the field. TT also gets one of the nations best WR back in Jarett Hicks this week. They will be taking out their frustration on a SE Louisiana team that ranks 100th in D2 against the pass. Yikes!
Am I a degenerate or what? Love some of these lines because after looking over some numbers it doesn’t seem homefield advatage is as big in D2 contest as they are in D1. Obviously because when you only have 3000 people in the stands you can still hear your QB and his audibles lol. Love some of these big faves.

Texas St. –3.5 @ Southern Utah ($300)

Wow I normally don’t bet D2 games but this line is way off to me. Texas St. lost last week but they had double the yardage of their opponents and lost because of a blocked punt for a TD and over 110 yards in penalties. Also after going back and forth with their QBs Bradley George then back-up came in and threw for almost 300 yards. S. Utah won their first two games vs lower level opponents and struggled badly vs lowly Weber St. Texas S.t to cover here easily.

Morgan St. @ Hampton –22 ($200)

Hampton is one of the better teams in D@ and have blown out the first two teams it played in conference. The same should happen here as Morgan St. has only scored 11 points in its only two games vs D2 opponents.

Illinois St. –17 @ Murray St. ($200)

Ill. St. is ranked #6 and has one of the best offenses in d2. Murray St. is 114th in d2 on defense giving up 510 ypg. They were destroyed by Mizzu, couldn’t stop Tenn. St which is an avg d2 squad and gave up 40 to Indiana St.

New Hampshire –28.5 @ Dartmouth ($200)

New Hampshire is the #1 D2 team in the country. They won this game last year by 29 but Dartmouth lost a ton on defense and won’t be able to keep up with the high octane offense of New Hampshire. They won last week’s game 62-7 and David Ball needs 3 TDs to break Jerry Rice’s record.
SHSUHorn said:
Am I a degenerate or what? Love some of these lines because after looking over some numbers it doesn’t seem homefield advatage is as big in D2 contest as they are in D1.

Yes, you are my Degenerate Hero!!

Good Luck, and I love the new additions!
i got screwed on texas today that delay killed momentum and helped you isu backers for sure , bastards hahahha great day bol witht he remaining games horn