Ncaa Cfb Sunday Week One


TCU at Baylor

I know everyone is riding the TCU non-BCS bowl buster hype but TCU was a very, very fortunate team last year. They got OU in the beginning of the year where they had a QB who looked lost on the field and played in 2 other OT games. They were also +21 in turnovers which helps when the ball bounces your way. TCU returns 12 starters total and even though they have an awesome backfield they may not have the holes they had last year because they lost 4 starters on the OL.

TCU has always been one of the best at stopping the run but the pass defense the last 3 years has been suspect which is why I love this match-up. Baylor is bringing in Lee Hays as OC this year who is somewhat of a legend in Texas because he was the West Texas A&M OC the past 3 seasons and turned around a school that was the doormat of its league even winless the year before he took over to making them a top program and 10 win team. Why? Because West Texas is right down the road from Texas Tech and Mike Leach’s offense. Hays would study the Tech system and is one of the best at running it around. Hal Mumme is the originator of the “air raid” offense and Leach was the OC at Kentucky under Mumme and Morriss was the OL coach. So Morriss is very familiar with this offense.

The most inexperienced position on TCU is cornerback and with Baylor throwing 4 WRs sets at you including its top 2 WRs from last year they are going right at their weakness. Morriss has done a terrific job since arriving to Baylor. The Baylor fans are excited as they beat Iowa St., Okie St. at home, and playing both OU and A&M to OT at their house. Baylor already has 21 committs for the 2007 class.

My Play:

Baylor +7.5 ($400)

One more play to come...
Well, I have heard a lot of sentiment Baylors way. I like the WR's vs shitty TCU backfield for sure. That should be enough to keep it under the number.
When Shu speaks, bull listens.
Been thinking about that one.
Thanks for the push.:shake:
i still gotta go with the frogs i like by 10, also on the mississippi front, if brent shaffer can play like he did at UT i like against the williamsless tigers they have ridden him for years and i dont know if they can come in and play with a underratted Rebal team
i was leaning towards baylor and now that Horn likes em its a no brainer thanx for the shove Horn...
Pinny actually has this down to +6.5

I actually went with the ML on baylor at +240. I think Baylor will be bowl eligible this year and will start the year off right.
Ryan Scott +2.5 Recieving Yards vs Burnell Wallace ($300)

Shawn Bell +5 Passing Yards vs Jeff Ballard ($540)

Robert Merrill -12.5 Rushing Yards vs Paul Mosley ($500)

Dominique Zeigler -8.5 Recieving Yards vs Quentily Harmon ($500)

Ummm..did someone forget to tell the linesmaker that Baylor has switched to the the Texas Tech offense this year?

Brian Brohm OVER 18.5 Completions ($300)
kentucky line is line movement regardless of the huge public play: imo, kentucky is the play w/ the points
You can get those at olympic and sportsbook. Juice is high right now though I got most at around -150 because I woke up late except for Zeigler but see some have crept even higher.
How big of a public play is Louisville?? I don't think people lay serious dough on Louisville to win by 22+... just my opinion...I'd have to think some people are laying serious dough on the other side considering it was a 7 point game last year. Louisville straight beast cats at home though...

Look at Florida, USC, etc.. last night. Those were public plays... but I think some dogg bettors laid some wood on S Piss and Arky.. and got fooked... I think Louisville rolls through Kentucky... this defense isn't all it's cracked up to be.
KENTUCKY +23 ($300)

Rivalry game and lots of hype right now on Louisville being the darkhorse MCN title winners. I don't care who's throwing the ball or running it if you don't have a gelled OL. Only returning 2 starters (one is a soph) and both are in the middle which means Louisville is breaking in 2 OTs that will be blocking for a QB that is playing his first game since an ACL injury. Kentucky returns 16 starters that payed Louisville to only a TD loss in last years opener. Getting more then 3 TDs here?

Don't believe the hype.
Can't believe fuckin Baylor. And why does everytime a TCU QB gets hurt his backup turns into John Elway?

Baylor :hairout:

Bell money;

Harmon :hairout:



Brohm but will win only 4 more completions.

UK hanging in there Bush going down is huge
Wow when i said Frogs by ten in this post earlier i really didnt think the back up would be the one doing it, but i can't complain, also wish that 2pt didnt go, still got the push on Miss 1-0-1 today