NBA Wed 11/1


out to lunch
YTD: 2-1-0

ORLANDO +2 (-110)
CHARLOTTE +1 (-108)

UTAH...not locked in yet..prob +1

Been looking forward to these 3 unpopular home teams since the lines came out. I really like Orlando now that Chicago won last night...especially by 40+. Its too early in the season to really worried about being tired, and Bulls didnt really expend much energy in the 2h, but the mental intensity I just cant see being the same...and thats what its all about. Obvious letdown spot on b2b after a SU road dog win at defending champs who knocked you out the year before, but Orlando is a very unpopular home play tonight, and the Bulls bandwagon is pretty full after what happened last night combined with being the trendy sleeper team before the game. I always like backing Orlando at home when teams are either in look ahead to Heat mode, or letdown of some sort after playing them. I think they are a sleeper this year, which isnt that much of an original statement, but backing them tonight is not where the consensus is, despite what the small sample on this forum might say.

Charlotte same thing, lots of people calling them frisky...and Im buying. Okafor back with a roster thats not bad at all. Indy has some new faces, and maybe they will be better this year in the long run with the whole Artest debacle truly behind them, but I dont see this team playing the type of D people have become used to. Bobcats should score plenty tonight...tempted to take this over but Im staying away from totals for the first few weeks. Despite CHA not being so good as a small home dog, they have covered every game in their short history against Pacers, and look at the trends in the matchup page on this site...Indy not so hot road, road fave...everything. CHA home, vs East is all good. Seems too good to be true to the average joe that indy is only laying a couple at most. All three of these games feature the more marquee well known franchise looking too easy on the road in near pickem games. Bulls, Pacers, Rockets...Wallace, J'Oneal, T-Mac and Ming...compared to Magic, Bobcats, Utah and lesser known stars Howard, Okarfor and AK....where's the hype?? Which teams are clearly the perceived better teams?? Im not calling these traps, but the reality is the oddmakers are giving much more credit to CHA, UTA, ORL than most...and are probably giving the road teams CHI, IND, HOU a little less than the general consensus/perception would. Houston scares me as I do believe that team could be really good with everyone healthy and I like the additions they made, but Utah is finally healthy and ready to jump back into the better half of the west if not even higher. I think at least 2 of these 3 perceived 'worse' teams get it done at home and pull off the 'upset'

I have leans on GDS, WASH, MIN and NYK...although I will likely pass on Knicks. GDS most def a play...the other 2 Im still undecided

LUNCH whatcha usin For Your popularity measure -- wagerline?

in Any event Agree with ORL And CHA And NYK.

Good luck Tonight hombre.

thx guys!!

eames...yes I use wagerline. I thinks its the best 'guide' to what the perception is. Sportsinsights tracks wagers which some say is better, but I like the 'office pool' type sample wagerline provides.

Too bad Wallace went down for CHA...who knows what woulda happened, but it couldnt have hurt having his scoring in there

Last play tonight:

GOLDEN STATE -7 (-110)

Lakers b2b and coming off SU dog win....of course no one expected that effort last night but tonight the consensus is on them...2nd game without a key player...fade away. Why is this line so high?? Didnt anyone see what Lakers did to the 2007 Champs last night?