NBA Tuesday


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Alright, the ole split again last night.

Tonight..2 plays. Like them both a lot(actually 3 plays due to differing juices)

Charlotte +7 +100 2 units
Charlotte +7 -102 2 units
Indiana/Portland Under 188 +105 2 units

I will be back after a shower and lunch with analysis on each. Wanted to get these posted though. Thought I had done it last night.

SEMCON-"Ride or Collide baby"
With you on the Bobcats tonight, and that total does look nice as well.

BOL tonight boss.
Man i almost played Charlotte. Check out the public on that game, its sick, like 80% on NJ. I really hope they get close near the end and Jersey mails it in and wins by like 5.
Copps, NJ is known to mail it in. VC will be throwing up 25 foot one footers all night

Thanks Matt

Back in about 40 with write-ups
Good luck tonight BAR. I was seriously considering Charlotte, but my gut keeps thinking that the Nets are due to put a pounding on someone after their West Coast Massacre. I'll be rooting for ya tonight!
Good chance I play the total. Side? Will be hitting them on a funny quarter bet but not for the game. This year as a 8 point dog or less they are 1-8 su and 2-7 ats. Looking at the history do not see the nets reluctant to bet them by a real number. Remember I said before the season this Bobcat team was seriously overrated this year. Team went for wide bodies when the leaque was moving to speed which has not worked well. GL
With you on Charlotte BAR. No confidence in the Nets right now. :cheers:

Gotta think about under 188 a little more. Pacers averaged about 93 pts. a game and I know they hated that loss against Toronto and Portland just about sucks right now.

Leaning more on Pacers -2. GL:shake:
Charlotte vs New Jersey


The New Jersey Nets just finished up a 4 game west coast trip Sunday night in Los Angeles. The game ended about 11:30 est and they are scheduled to start back again on East coast four hours short of two days later. Thats never a good thing(one day rest in between).

Now, not only is Jersey coming home for this game but they play on Wednesday night in Boston. This essentially makes this "home" game just another stop on what amounts to a 6 game trip. The only difference is they get to sleep in their own beds. We used this same sort of situation going against Houston last year at least once if you guys remember correctly. Thats 6 different cities in 9 days from one coast to another.

The Bobcats meanwhile have not played since the 25th. They had a back to back with Miami/Detroit and have been resting since.

Nets off road trips last year

You guys that used Covers remember last season the big play I had against Nets off first west coast trip, right? Detroit -4 at the Meadowlands. They won easily 93-83. In fact the Nets lost their next game, at home, SU as well to the Raptors.

A four game trip later in year provided a non cover vs Indiana(-6.5) in a 97-92 win upon returning home.

The next trip did result in a win upon arrival back home against Detroit. The difference is they had 3 days to rest before that game. That right there throws that game out the window for me.


Who exactly on NJ is qualified to guard Emeka? Also, Jason Kidd is much more effective guarding bigger guards. The little gnats on the Bobcats will tire him and make him less effective offensively. Vince will be sluggish upon return and will prolly relegate himself to jumpshots.


I have watched the Cats a few times lately and they are a solid team IMO. They are not as bad as people say they are. I think they play solid ball and will be in this game from the start. Heres saying a late Nets rally gets them a 96-95 victory. the play!
B.A.R......hope you sweep tonight.:cheers:

P.S. I'm not worried about my system. I'm still keeping the faith for now.
Hope you go 3-0! I am still looking at the portland/indiana under, but I have quite a few plays already so I might lay off.
The Celtics are 5 - 8 .. The Bulls are 4 - 9.. I will follow this system very closely.. I loved the thread earlier this year that annointed the Bulls the greatest team in the nba once they got Ben. Sure they will end the year a lot better.. so get ready for a run, but they arent anything more than a 7 or 8 seed ( barely ).

Good luck big man... im waitin for them to televise a bobcats game, i havent seen morrison yet
I really hope the Cats hit for you tonight Al. Your reasoning is really sound and I think this one cashes for ya. GL
Hopefully an under in the port game results in a home team win...they usually are related for Port as home dog so hope that holds here. GL Big AL!!
lookin at that total ...nothing really sticks out really - actually looks like they put it where it should be hovering around 185-190.. situational?
great call man... once again i overestimated the nets... good work and GL on the total for the sweep