NBA Tuesday



Last night 4-2 (+$660)
Season 49-38-1 (+7350)

Minnesota +9 (550 to win 500)

One play today, Houston hasn't beaten Minny by this margain since January of 2004! I watched how the Twolves lost last night and I was wondering why they sat Garnett soo long and gave James soo much time on the court when their obviously more effecient with Foye in there....then I realized they were on the front end of an important back to back. I see a motivated and sparingly used (for their age and athleticism) starting five for Minny comin into Houston (which isn't a FULL travel game seein as how they were probably in their hotels about 2 hours after their game with Dallas) desperate for that split on the road! My biggest reason for this play however is the inabillity of Houston to blow teams out. They've covered a number this high once in their last ten (two on the number, and they were both inferior teams IMO)...I just see value fading Houston at high numbers.
Minny gettin 9 again like last nite in Dallie.

Books showing Rockettes too much respect, even wit minny on B2B, giving their tendency to let teams backdoor cover

GL Bill:cheers:
Houston 0-fer ats at home. This is saying that Rockets would be favored by 3-4 in Minny. Line is off no doubt. I refuse to touch Minnesota games or I would be on this value alone.

I hope you guys hit it. GL Bill
added the over in denver when it was @ 202.5.....sorry i didnt post it earlier, altho you can see i posted it from my prison cell @ covers when the line was still available
Bill i thought u said like a week ago u were leavin that place? Why are you so worked up over it? Its no biggie!! Hang out over here..

Anyway good luck on your plays
id rather do both,

altho, there are more guys over here that i want info from...there are still a few helpfull posters over there, you talk to justin?
sick ivy.. not sure if u knew tmac got hurt again.. Not sure how that effected the outcome. Nice hit