NBA Thursday



Last night 2-1 (+$870)
Season 63-43-1 (+$11,660)

New Jersey/Phoenix under 209.5 (550 to win 500)

be back later with reasons
Obviously Nash will start tonight, but I look at every little thing I can when trying to discredit an over...Nash's hand might just slow the game down 2%....the fact that the Suns have to travel to boston for tommorow nights game and then again for a 3 of four two days later says to me that they will be conserving their energy as much as possible on the begining of the road trip. Now the numbers in past matchups are slightly skewed with the absensce of amare, however i feel they are still very relevant when deciding what kind of game will be played tonight. Why? b/c Amare doesn't dictate the pace of play like he did in the post season two years ago, last season in his absence the Suns seemed to have found somthing...they ran more and set half court offense less....IN THAT SAME TIME PERIOD, these teams have played to 192,182,173...these teams tend to play much more deliberate against's team to team matchups a lot and I'm giving it a shot with all the added value i find in nash's injury and the sun's upcoming schedule

the line moved an additional half point..that's what's happened...however it's fine, i just wish i coulda gotten the half point
The Nets were throwing up garbage last game against the Mavs...Lets hope they put up a repeat of that..Really dont see how everyone and there mother is on the Nets...They have been absolutely disgusting as of late...

BOL billivy :shake:
I agree, PHX will score, they always do. Will the Nets? I don't think so.

GL Billivy, keep up the good work.
gl down 2000 so im gonna follow your plays your play....just hit it for 1 unit
the only angle the fav the under on this game is the long flight/jet lagging for pho players. hate playing the under on pho's game!:new_shocked:
this game was a mistake..

i've added miami +5 (after artest was announced out)...550 to win 500...

Don't mean any disrespect, but the only good thing about losing that under was the fact it was never in doubt. I also wish I would've stayed away from that game as I played the Nets +3.. tough beat.