NBA Sunday


Pretty much a regular
Finally have enough games played to continue with my system's evolution.
I know some frown on systems, but that is alright. That is alright.
As always, BOL to all today.

YTD: 0-0 +0.0 units

Sunday's System Plays:

SAS/Sea OV 197

GL today! I must say your excel file has helped contribute to my success with my totals. I really appreciate it.

I'm with you on the Nets/Lakers over, glad to see it.
egg i remember u postin tha total system plays at covers tha las 2 seasons, how has it been over that time? i see u an renew orleans all over tha laker over i might have to tail that one.
tru, this is still a works in progress. About 2/3 of the way through last season, I reached the latest point of my experiment. After applying the system parameters and backtracking, the final season record was 423-222. Only totals are played.
The challenge this year is to see how it does without backtracking.
Each team had to have 10 games played before I would even consider the first system analysis. I ran the first analysis this AM, assigned each team's variable, and am starting to post the system plays.
My plan is to reanalyze about every 10 games and adjust as necessary or leave it alone if it is going OK.
Still not a finished product. But must post to keep its integrity.
BOL bro.
its all a numbers game on totals, lets see this year be like las year. are most plays overs normally?

I know some frown on systems, but that is alright.

some people have beef wit em cause alot of people jus throw that word out there then back it up wit some half assed reasonin behind it. if all systems would deal wit reason an a logical approach like urs then people wouldnt be bad mouthin others when tha word "system" is used. cant wait to see more plays posted, keep up tha great work egg.
GL with the system egg. Sounds like you are on the right track with this one. I hope this year is no different and it continues to improve.
I will be watching with much interest and hoping the first two games end up on the plus side. I'll be blindly tailing you tonight, so the best of luck to both of us. :dance3:
Eggnoggin - I was lucky to get the L.A. Lakers at O192 so I pushed. Knowing this is only the first night of many and I'll still be rooting for you and your picks. :cheers: