NBA Schedule in Excel

I got one man. from a respected capper named eggnoggin. Howl at me if you want it. private message me or whatever. i can email it to you son. Just howl at me.
Yo doggs I just wanted to make it clear that I didn't make this thing. I dont want to take credit for nothin I didnt make. It's from a very respected capper named eggnoggin. Just passing it on to other cappers.
Yep Eggnoggin does a hell of a job with that every year. If he happens to read this, sign on up so we can thank you.
Well Fondy, he has done as much.

Great to have egg aboard. Great tool he shares with the masses each year. Appreciate it no doubt.
xgod and Fondybadger....thanks for the kind words. I feel like I have finally found a home. B.A.R. turned me on to this site and I'm glad he did. Talk to yooz guys soon.
eggnoggin, this is definitely a great tool. Thanks for creating this, definitely going to be a time saver and great help.
renew you have the one that calculates the averages? I forgot to put that in my initial offering this year. You can add it in yourself if you want, or let me know and I'll send you a copy. Keep the other and just copy and paste your scores.
good to see ya here egg.

gonna make this a sticky so others who want tha schedule can get it also
OK tru. I'm gonna update it so that all the scores are current. This sheet will calculate the averages automatically for you. I will upload the file to a website for downloading. I think you have to register (its free) to download it. Unless B.A.R. or others will allow me to attach an .xls file
Egg... vBulletin doesn't allow .xls files (or if they do I don't know how to change the setting). If you'd like to send it to me I'll take the time to upload it somewhere where people don't need to register at to download it, otherwise feel free to post the link to where it can be downloaded.

Aim: Fondybadger
As long as there is activity (a.k.a. downloading) without a pause for 7 days, the file will stay put. If 7 days go by without a download, it goes away. So if you want it, grab it. egg