NBA Plays Dec 8


Blame it on the boogie
Houston -5 (-104) Charlotte- 1 units (52 to win 50)
Orlando -4 (-119) Detroit- 1 unit (59.5 to win 50)
Denver -8 (-115)- Miami- 4 units (230 to win 200)
Washington -2 (-115) Sixers- 2 units (115 to win 100)

Houston will take away Okafor's effectiveness and is one of the few with size over okafor. Houston off a loss, will come in today and get their road win. I think this one is a poor line that put in homecourt advantage, when Denver road is not a problem for Houston while Charlotte isn't particularly better at home

Detroit off a big win and Orlando with opportunity here off a loss. I think Orlando can own the paint in this one, and will look to impress home fans- something they havnt done in a while.

Washington off their first road win will look to extnd it here.
Philly-AI. Sixers are the most one-man team in the league, so take away that man, and you have a bunch of role players confused.

Denver off a big loss against Miami off a big win. Denver rested at home, Miami off an OT B2B at Mile High. Anyone else see a blowout?
thanx guys. adding

Carmelo Anthony OVER 31.5 pt- 1.2 units to win 1

Melo off a home loss will take it upon himself to win this game. Add that to the fact that it's on ESPN, and he's going against his friend/competition of DWade. I'm thinking Melo wants to show that he still is here despite Lebron's takeover of the league, and Wade's Finals MVP and championship ring. Melo will dominate Posey tonight
so the card is:

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Houston -5 (-104) Charlotte- 1.04 units to win 1 units
Orlando -4 (-119) Detroit- 1.19 units to win 1 unit
Denver -8 (-115)- Miami- 5.75 units to win 5 units
Carmelo Anthony OVER 31.5 pt- 1.2 units to win 1
Washington -2 (-115) Sixers- 3.45 units to win 3 units
Phoe/Bos UNDER 211 (-111)- 1.11 units to win 1
2nd H Boston +1 Phoenix- 1.075 units to win 1 unit
N.O +4 (-116) Seattle- 1.74 units to win 1.5 units