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My man, Michael Jordan!
Alright. I've been getting rocked lately. I peaked last week at almost 62% but now I'm down about 5% since then. Losing huge plays with horrible luck and pretty much pure lazyness on my part. It started with the Moosejob in NJ and their inability to cover that game in 20T. Then, the Grizzlies had both their big men out and lost by 6, not the +5.5 I had to cover my 2nd 10 unit bet of the week. Then, I pound the Raptors yest. only to wake up in the 2nd quarter and watch them dismantle at the helm without their leader Bosh. What a pathetic effort there. Thank god for the Lakers 2H last night. Oh, but what about the SEA moose? Some horrible luck going on... oh well I'm done venting now.

Magic -2 **15 Units**

Chalk for a reason. I think if you think PHO isn't tired then your mistaken. It's more than just game minutes that wears on you on the road. It's traveling, situation, going through the game routines.. and this is their 4th in 5. We saw how the Magic came out to play a "championship" caliber Bulls team after they smacked down the Heat. We saw them roll into Utah and dominate them on their own court. Howard right now is much better than Stat, and should show it tonight. Turk being out hurts... but I think him being out will encourage the Magic to avoid shooting the 3... and to take it to the rim.. which Nelson can do at will vs. Nash. Hill has shown an amazing mid-range game this year and it should be there vs. this tired PHO defense.

PHI -3.5 **LEAN**

I like this play... POR not a great road team, on a B2B, and getting too much credit for beating a pathetic Raptors team without Bosh. This team shot the lights out, and TOR bricked everything. I don't see Korver doing that here tonight.. Plus C Webb has been playing inspired.. probably hoping to raise his value to get out of there and get to a contender.


Mavs would love to take this one but I see them struggling here. Okur will extend their defense out and I don't see them handling the pick and roll. AK should be up to get in Dirk's grill and disrupt things. Utah at home always a solid pick.

That's it for now...
orlando line at -1 (pinny) and heading towards PK...anyone out? am i missing something? i like the magic as well here.
Hmm... well isn't Turk still out?

Other than that... just feel like it's people pounding PHO ML. I wish it was staying put though... I haven't locked the play in but I feel stronger about a play when it holds firm against a lopsided consesus.
GL tonight man. I lean all 3 ways no doubt. Not solidified on any so gonna watch for now.
what do you think about the bulls tonight. I love them o neal and jackson out love the under to and bulls coming off a lose
That's something to look into... especially Indiana who gets off to SLOW starts. See Portland's beatdown on them 1H, Cavs 1Q, and Raps a few weeks ago 1Q. Where's the offense going to come from? Bulls should also be very sharp after dropping a game at home.
My final card will probably look something like this....

Magic ATS 15X
Magic UND 2X (BAR), Hedged w/ 1Q OVR 1X (BDK)
Official Plays Locked in as of now.. like LAC and the UNDER there... will add accordingly depending on how the night goes.

Magic +1 15X *L*
Magic/Suns UND 209.5 2X *W*
UTAH +1 15X
Nets 1Q -2.5 -130 3X *W*
Heat 1Q -2.5 2X *L*
Knicks 1Q ML -125 1X *L*
Bulls -3 1Q 4X *W*
Bulls -6 HALF 2X *W*
Bulls -1.5 2H 10X
PHI -3.5 1X *L*
Clippers 2H -3.5 10X

Magic reasoning can be seen above. Lean turned into a play with Utah... Memphis horrible 1Q team vs. Nets who usually come out strong... a must win for them but won't lay chalk b/c Memphis is a fiesty bunch. Raptors stink without Bosh and should hopefully come out flat after flying the length of the county. Knicks... also like to start hott. Bulls? Well Indiana is showing me nothing on offense... Harrington will get beasted by Nocci and Foster is cancelled out by Wallace's presence. I think we can get up fairly early there but DD chalk is not something I lay.

May add Bulls game though, LAC ATS, and LAC UND.
GL, i guess its better for you to hit your magic play than for me for phoenix since you've got so much on it. on a couple of the same 1 Q's
Yeah... it's just my last big play for awhile... if I lose this I have to re-think things and go back to leaving big plays for the college bowl games, and near post season/post season nba playoffs
Good point about Tor with the long flight into Miami...hoping for a falt team from both...also agree with your NJ play....a 22-2 spurt to start vs Boston...BOL
Knicks come out sluggish... lose the quarter... Nets should be good though up 12 with 2 minutes left.

Thanks Nut and I agree Roy.. remember what Pho did last season to Miami with a healthy Shaq.... blowout city
would you mind providing the insight to your posting name ? i think it comes from the pink panther cartoon series of "the inspector"... just wondering ???? no offense meant !
Nah.. lol... I've gone by Inspekdah... I used to be a huge Wu Tang fan in Jr. High/High School and loved Inspectah Deck... don't know much about the Pink Panther lol...

Turning UTAH into a big play...size edited in plays
I am an old fart so pink might be a few moons before your time...anyway I appreciate the response !!! Thanks for your effort concerning this marathon we run !!!
Bulls -1.5 2H 10X

Up 16 you'd think this is crazy... but Bulls are deep and in blowout 1H's I think they've almost always covered the small 2H line... a weak 2nd quarter will have Skiles angry as always (they were once up 30-10)
Inspekdah said:
Nah.. lol... I've gone by Inspekdah... I used to be a huge Wu Tang fan in Jr. High/High School and loved Inspectah Deck... don't know much about the Pink Panther lol...

Turning UTAH into a big play...size edited in plays

my fav group...and me being from Staten Island u can understand why...