NBA ML Dogs 12.16


Pretty much a regular
ML dogs: 37-59, 38.54%, 7.685%

1-2 yesterday. Not unexpected. One more push out of the scrubs, I mean 76ers, and they might have closed it to a tie...course then they'd need yet another run somewheres...Sorry bout the moose for you chalk players...

Someone suggested the GSW moneyline.......well, once they were up in the 3rd, I was impressed with the suggestion, because I thought this game would flow more like suns up 10 end of 1st, 20 end of 2nd, 30 end of 3rd and then the starters would sit for the 4th and the lead would be somewhere around 9 at the end of the game...turns out the Warriors actually fought for it...


Spreads: 41-30-5, 53.955%, +23.124 units

3-3-1 yesterday. GOT FUCKED with the bullets. Not sure what the hell happened to that 23 point lead, but by the end of the game, I was fortunate to get the push... Caught a miracle cover by the Lakers. Who...eliminated a massive deficit to force OT, then another, and then the Rockettes FINALLY got tired...

no doubt B2Bs are over-rated for fading..


Spurs -16 (-105) 2 units
Suns -4 (+112) 2 units
Nuggets -3 (+112) 2 units
Bulls -4.5 (+107) 2 units

for ML dogs...I am looking at

Celtics, Grizzlies, & Hornets.

115, 210, 325 respectively...

thoughts anyone?
I suggested the Warriors yesterday so i offer you the Kings today +120
no doubt B2Bs are over-rated for fading..

Yes , they are...extremely overrated!

I really dont think NO is even worth a shot but I understand why you would try....anything can happen at home but they showed there true colors vs SA IMO...

I wanna stay away from the Grizz for now cause Gasol is overrating them IMO...

Magic, Bucks , Kings, celts..only what interests me....doggie wise...BOL
yea they did but I like the Kings today and I like the Hawks
Lue is out with a sore pussy. Good health to you with them.

I too like the Kings, in general, but not against this suns team....

YOU win some money...just not on games where you're against me.

ML dog record: 36-51 +17.58 units
Spread record: 6-4 +1.62 units

Just one play for today:

Atlanta +145

Well I guess that game has already started, LOL. I swear I had them earlier. Mainly I'm fading the Bulls on the road. They've had a great win streak playing umpteen games at home and now go on the road where they're only 3-8 on the year.

Good luck on your plays redbearde, except for the Bulls spread play.:cheers:
Holy crap just saw Philly is at +2100, LOL. Of course I'm on that one.

Philadelphia +2100

Now that's what I call value. Probably pissing money away but what the hell. 21 to 1, I'll take a chance purely on principles.

see now I got distracted but just curious did you guys see what the 1st Q paid for Philly..?? or Half..?? GL guys
Damn! Sixers are only down 4 at the half. They've got a shot. Yeah I don't know what that 1st quarter ML was either, Sportsnut.

If Philly pulls this shit out I'll probably crap my pants!
Spurs led by 17...then barely held the fuck on to squeak out a win. Honestly, mac, I was rooting for you there, bro.

We may keep seeing huge numbers for the 76ers, and there's no reason to think they can't compete with...well........anyone. It's just...will they?