NBA ML Dogs 11.4


Pretty much a regular
Yesterday: 3-2, +4.18 units
Overall: 8-3, +12.4 units

if I had played spreads at -110, I would be up .8 units. overall spreads at -110, record of 8-3, +4.7 units...

Today I'm playing

Trailblazers +132

I don't think much of the other dog plays (I have the clips, too), but if someone has a suggestion, I'd be delighted to hear it.

GL To you all.

weekend home dogs hosting visitors playing Their SECOND STRAIGHT And THIRD IN FOUR.

meanwhile HOUSTON is a RESTED weekend home dog.

For what its worth.

Good luck Tonight Amigo.

Thanks eames. Charlotte doesn't scare me as much as the Knicks....

You like the bobcats against the Cavs?
Gun To my head i do The bobcats.

NOTE however That i do NOT have money on Them.


i Figured i would post The Things i look At

Then maybe later someone posts Another Factor For The same side

Then maybe later someone posts Yet Another Factor For The same side

Then maybe we have something solid.

And if not Then no harm done.

Sure thing. Any news on gerald wallace? I thought he left the first game injured....and hasn't played since. But he's on no injury reports I can find.


Primoz Brezec who has a cold.


Alan Anderson who has his foot lodged in someone's pussy, and he's indefinitely unavailable.

this is what I get for not watching every night. Had to have a night OUT with the wife, it seems...
Bobcats +165 instead of 170 because pinny likes to change the line as soon as I try to wager.
tonight: 2-0, +2.97 units.
overall: 10-3, +15.77 units.

had I gone with spreads, I'd be up 2 units today, and over 10-3, +6.7 units.

Tomorrow I'm on the Lakers +137

I'm almost halfway to a statistically significant sample. I'm amazed at the win percentage, here. 10-3 is over 75%, and my goal is 38-40% on the season...

Excellent work so far this season RedBearde.

Not sure if I can pull the trigger on the Lakers though as I see this being a decent spot for the Sonics.
yeah, I know it's pretty rare that a team loses both of a set like this, but if anyone can win both, I think this Lakers team can do it.

I think they're better, they're playing like a cohesive unit, and as long as Kobe's selfishness doesn't screw that up, this is going to be a scary scary good team this year.

just my opinion, I could be wrong.