NBA ML Dogs 11.3


Pretty much a regular
1-0 yesterday
5-1 overall, an astounding 83.3%. +8.22 units.

Hornets +183
Bucks +117
Nets +169

thank you pinny, for putting the ML dogs out today...

Now is not the time to be tailing me, folks......I expect to do 38%, hope to do 40%, and right now I'm kicking all kinds of ass with over 80%. Once I get to 30 plays, if I'm still doing this well, feel free to tail.


Nice win with the Spurs red!

ML dog record now: 6-4 +6.22 units
Spread record: 1-0 +0.90 units

For Friday, we're on the same plays, but I have one extra:

New Orleans +183
Milwaukee +110
New Jersey +169
NY Knicks +116

Good luck to us!
redbearde, GL man

Orleans, Fondy, Coppsguy, good luck on your plays.:shake:

Well I was toying with taking Utah then I read B.A.R.'s thread and he convinced me to give them a shot tonight

Utah +250

Utah was one of my main winners last year with the ML dogs. They were undervalued all year, often dogs and often winning on the road. Sloan always has this team playing solid defense, the frontcourt swarms to the boards and with a healthy Boozer this team has the potential to be pretty nasty this year.
Like Utah and the Hornets.

GL with these ml dogs guys, never followed anyones progress with this in the NBA before but I know several that do a solid job playing only ml dogs in college football, and also SSI has a solid ml dog system.. seems to be a profitable method of capping for various sports (selectively playing ml dogs).
Today: 3-2, +4.18 units
Overall: 8-3, +12.4 units

today, if I had played spreads at -110, I would be up .8 units. overall spreads, 8-3, +4.7...

I really thought the Nets would win too........alas.

Still, it's a great opening run...

hope you guys made money too.
oh, and I don't like any of tomorrow's dogs yet...perhaps when the rest of the lines come out.

If I actually thought the bobcats would win, over 3:1 would look good.......BAR, opinion?


Nice job redbearde! You are tearing it up buddy.

Good call on the Cavs, wish I would have thought of taking them.