NBA ML Dogs 11.16 macdamn, redbearde, et al...


Pretty much a regular
ML dogs: 14-19, 42.42%, +6.54 units.
had I played spreads, 19-14, +3.6 units.

Sacramento Kings +148

The kings can shoot. GSW doesn't usually play all that much defense. Kings are at 164 now. Good thing I got that line early.


anyone like almost 2:1 on the bulls against the rockets at home?
Redbearde, it looks like you are already on a great start with your NBA picks. Best of luck for the whole season!
I'd love to hear your reasoning on Chicago, bro. Wallace owns Yoa? Gordon successfully defends McGrady? tell.

I'd love to be talked into both...
mainly, i agree with linewatcher's reasoning on thursday games....most think GSW will win/cover especially with the Kings playing backtoback games, Artest's back spasm and generally good night (and win) for the kings.

then you have the rockets at home with the two stars they have...however, big ben vs. yao, gordon and t-mac, nocioni vs. battier...there are some good match ups here...hinrich is playing great thus far.

but thursday's spotlight nba games are funky. the unexpected i think chicago and sac have a legitimate shot at winning these games SU. t-mac hasn't been all that great only averaging 39% from the field.

that's all i got to be honest...wish i had more expert advise, i just pretty much agree these thursday games having unexpected results.

i'll have to think about these two a lil bit.
weellllllllll.......I hope you're right. I think I'll not play Chicago unless someone can give me some more reasons. Houston's been looking damned tough so far this year.

GSW smells thin to me. If they aren't shooting absolutely incredible lights out, then they lose to a good Hornets team last Thursday. As it stands, they won 121-116. Toronto was leading for much of Monday's game, but they went colder than polar bear fucking in the 3rd Quarter. These are the Hornets and the Raptors! The Hornets outrebounded them BIG. GSW shot 110 compared to the Hornets 94. They do that crap against my sharpshooting kings, and they will lose.

They WILL be outrebounded by Shareef and Thomas...I mean, forget about it. If they shoot 48 or 49% intstead of over 51%, then my boys will absolutely beat em. Because I'm sure Kevin Martin, Bibby, and ThugImean Artest will shoot from the outside and no one will stop Shareef and Thomas on the inside. They don't have the personnel to match up.

just my opinion.
Good luck guys on the Kings. I think I'm going to sit tonight out.

Tomorrow there's a few I'm looking at. Probably I'll be on the Nets, Blazers and Jazz.
I'm going to treat this as a second bet.

Kings +182. I hate getting the shit end of that number.