NBA ML dogs 11.10 macdamn, redbearde, anyone else...


Pretty much a regular
Overall: 10-13, 43.48%, +5.37 units
had I wagered spreads, I'd be at 14-9, +4.1 units

Hawks +179
Trailblazers +135

Hornets are B2B, 3rd in 2, 4th in 6...and they just ran their asses off late last night with the Warriors. Hawks are 3rd in 6. Rested.

Toronto and Atlanta are both rested, though Atlanta had 2 days off. Toronto is overvalued off the big win on wednesday, and the hawks are overlooked because, well, they're the hawks. Prime spot for a raptors letdown.

Keep an eye out on the nets next week.

12th away at Washington
13th Home to Seattle - too tired by 6th quarter
14th Open
15th Home to Milwaukee
16th Open
17th away at Indiana
18th Home to Portland - should be value in the Trailblazers

The Nets have a crowded second half of the month.
Sunday, the Hornets should be tired at a very rested Clippers squad. I may have to lay chalk there...

Saturday, the Knicks should be tired off 3rd in 4 and B2B against a well rested SA Spurs club. Again, I might have to lay some chalk.

Magic are in the midst of a 5 games in 7 days stretch. At Indiana on Friday, they might be oaky, but at Minny on Saturday, that'll be B2B away games, 3rd in 4 and 5th in 7. If Magic win friday, we may get great value in a VERY well-rested (3 days off) Minny dog saturday.

76ers had thursday off and are now home and looking at 4 days off after Friday's game, but they are 3rd in 4, and Tuesday & Wednesday were both away losses. Denver just lost to the Knicks. One would think they would bounce back and very fucking high. AI notwithstanding, expect a Nugs rout, perhaps?

Suns at Memphis Saturday will be a 3rd in 4. Off two losses, they will want that win over the hapless if rested Memphis Grizz.

Portland has a tough week next week.

12th away at Dallas
13th Open
14th away at Minny - tblazers value as a dog?
15th away at Cleveland
16th open
17th away at Boston - tblazers HUGE spot for dog value
18th away at NJ .....4th in 5, all on the road. Nets slaughter them?

That's a full week.
Spurs have a few days off, but they'll have a full schedule in the second half of the month. Keep a lookout for tired TIMMAY.


Friday at Charlotte is 3rd away in 4. Kitties are rested.
Saturday at Atlanta is 4th in 5 and B2B...all away. Atlanta on B2B at Raptors, but 2 days off before that.

Atlanta has light duty this month.

I have Bobcats -1 (+100)
I know you won't agree, but I kinda like the Celtics +160 against the Jazz. Celtics have been decent against the Jazz in the long as Boozer doesn't kill us down low, I think we'll have a good shot in this one.

Celtics are rested. Jazz just lost at NJ on wednesday. Either they stayed in New England, or they flew home. Neither is good for a team. My guess is this is a great chance for the Celtics to get a win off a better team.

And as long as Pierce doesn't mind carrying them, they have a chance. Celtics have so many great's really too bad they are such ass.

If it gets high enough late tomorrow, I may well join you on this play.


GL bro...
Jazz are also going to MILK for Saturday. Jazz will be fuggin tired's the end of a trip. 4th in 6. Rough trip.
What's up redbearde, sounds like you're feeling good on that codeine.

ML dog record: 10-17 +0.77 units
Spread record: 1-2 -1.10 units

Finally broke that losing streak with Dallas winning last night:

For Friday:

Orlando +170
Atlanta +182
NY Knicks +470

With Orlando, I actually think they're the better team than the Pacers. Plus J. O'Neal is questionable with the sprained ankle. He missed the last game and against the Wizards and they got blown the hell out. Even if he plays, I doubt he'll be 100%. The more I think about it I'm surprised this game isn't a pick em.
The Hawks have been bringing it lately. I wish I would have had them against the Cavs the other day. This is the type of game where whoever controls the tempo will win. Toronto is run and gun and the Hawks slow it down more.
With the Knicks, I'm just taking a chance that maybe Houston isn't in a great spot. They come back home after three straight roads games, the last two of which they won. I've seen it happen many times that teams don't do well the first game at home off a successful road trip. Plus I remember last year Houston was odd in that they were a better road team than home team. We'll see if that trend continues this year. But I just think the Knicks have a 30% or so shot of winning, so the value at +470 is worth it.
1-1 today.

I am so FUCKING tired of losing these things on a missed FT with no time left. At least the losing streak finally broke...

overall: 11-14, 44%, +6.16 units
had I wagered spreads, I'd be at 16-9, +6.1 units

I have had some very tough fucking beats recently, too.