nba friday


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5-0 +2.5 units

all plays 1/2 unit unless stated otherwise.

Stons/Celts O192.5 -105

Got it yesterday before the big push to 194....Stons missed a ton of easy inside shots in opener, don't see that happening here...stons are more of a finesse team IMO this year and once they hit their stride will be averaging over 100 a game and giving up high 90's...Celts will get theirs at home as well.

thanks fellas...

adding Hawks -2.5 at -115

Atlanta should be improved this year, I like them in this spot after knicks just played a triple OT game on the road now go to the ATL.

and tailing my man BAR on these two:

Jazz +6.5 at -102

Sonics +5 at -109

read BAR's thread for writeups on these last two.
that was detroit basketball there, it's amazing what happens when sheed has a good game outside and has no interior game whatsoever.

adding:Seattle +6 at -106 for another 1/2 unit

Seattle +5 and+6 for 1 unit total

Seattle ML 1/2 unit at +228

GL all.
Im not betting on it.. so i hope u cash ur ats plays. But im a laker fan so good health on the ml one ;)
tough loss on +5 of seattle.

overall record on season

7-4-1 +1.3 units