NBA Friday Dec 8th


My man, Scottie Scheffler!
Alright, the worst beat of the season last night with the Nets sent really hurt... tried chasing with a stupid 1Q play and only made it worse. Big card today... have leans on Chicago, Seattle, and Denver early and one play circled. Seattle would be a covers fade play. Plus, while Allen is out the Hornets still have 2 of their big 3 out. I like my chances with Ridnour, Lewis, Wilcox and at home vs. Paul, R.Butler, and Chandler.

Updating All Plays below in this post as well as with a new reply...

Suns -1.5 1Q 4 Units *W*
Rockets -1.5 1Q 2 Units *W*
Magic -1 1Q 3 Units *W*
Wiz -2 5 Units (see below)
Den 1Q -2.5 2 Units
LAL 1Q -2.5 3 Units
Bulls -3 1Q 4 Units
Bulls -8.5 1 Unit

Grizzlies +5 10 Units (3-1 on plays > 5 Units)

Blazers come in there as 7.5 pt. dogs? But the Grizzlies drop from 5.5 to 5 with 2/3's the public on the Bucks? The Bucks are a bad team... a team very far from the playoffs and really can only win with Redd having monster games. Well, the Grizzlies still play amazing defense and have recently proven that they can shut down teams on the road (see Boston L3 quarters of that game vs. Memphis). Memphis has a great shot at beating this overhyped Bucks squad SU but should easily keep it within that number. They continue to scrap and claw and that's what makes them such a good dog. The fact this line isn't 6 or more by now makes it that much stronger a play.

I'll be back with more shortly.
So much going on with Philly... can't see them winning and that's why the line seems so fishy there... both teams with underachieving overall records where the homecourt team has absolutely dominated, and the Wiz come in as chalk? I think that says something about the outcome on this one.
I'd rather see his lazy ass at 80% on the court if I'm taking Wiz. Green can ball when he wants to.
I think so... line is now at -2. This Sixers team will come out pumped... I just hope a combination of bad coaching, and lack of depth vs. a hopefully inspired Wiz bunch will get it done tonight. In Nut's Friday discussion few posters have him confirmed out... so I think it's legitimate.

Wizards -2 5 Units
ynn- used to be, graduated a couple years ago. still love the raiders

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Senior here. Have a final in 2 hours (puke). What'd you think about the Leach rumors to Miami? Already the OC left for Arizona :( but hopefully the DC will leave :) I wouldn't mind it if Leach would've left for the U and then we brought Briles from UofH
Thanks BAR... good season till a lil meltdown last night with Nets and a stupid chase on my part. Hoping to hit these big ones tonight and go back to trying to nickel and dime the books through this month ...get into bowl season and then take a break and wait till it gets real easy in the NBA.

Killa, thanks bro.

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