NBA Friday Ballin


My man, Michael Jordan!
One play so far locked in awhile ago... Will surely add more with this large card, but nothing jumps out like it did back on Wed.

Boston +3 15X

Celtics haven't beat anyone great... but have been playing well if you've seen them. They've stunk at home and they know that. Denver IMO is a sub-.500 club on the road and it's only a matter of time before we see that road record plumet. I hate Denver... and make no mistake.. the best player on the court is Paul Pierce, not Carmelo. Celts should be wide open all night long.. and Denver is probably looking ahead to an easy win vs. the Knicks tomorrow night and then just getting home for a long stand where I think they'll bounce back. Some teams don't travel well out East and I think this is one of them. Some good cappers going to be on Denver tonight but I watched them as of late and am not impressed. Celtics have owned this series as well...and this is a must-win home game for them. Will add ML later tonight.
AI trade rumors.. someone is out.. I assume Andre Miller and draft picks... will be a tough night for Nuggets.


10X more on Boston +3


25X on Boston

ML +130 not good enough.
Wow might have to join you or layoff this game. You seem pretty confident in the Celtics here but I worry if JR Smith and Carmelo catch fire...don't know how strong Boston will answer.

I understand your dislike for Melo but be real Pierce best player on the floor? He has had better talent around him than a lot of people and continues to fail. He can't lead at all and only shows up when he wants to.
BOL Inspecta!

Everyone should remember while he has conviction in Boston as do I , He issimply trying to strike while he is hot...remember the man crushed it for 50 + Units the other nite(and believe cashed last nite as well) its a huge bet but understand the context he is making it.....
Exactly, it's not my strongest lean of the season and I should have said that. I just have the leverage to do so and this play fits the bill for a big one IMO.

I am biased against Melo... but I believe Pierce can outplay Melo tonight.


Wiz -3.5 1Q 5 Units
Pacers -2 1Q 5 Units
Bulls -2.5 1Q 2.5X

Will be back in a bit to drop another big bet... like PHO tonight to absolutely destroy GS. GS' win took everything out of them. They are already thin and haven't faced THIS PHO team IMO.

Well, here it is...

PHO -3.5 -120 10X
PHO -7 1H 5X
PHO -12.5 2.5X
Don't know exactly what it is, but I love the way you think. If not for your plays I don't think I would feel as confident as I do in my own plays. Much respect for the NBA cappers on this site as you all seem pretty knowledgeable...the main site I use and post on is covers where most people have moved from to here.

GL on your plays I'll be on some as well :shake: