NBA Fri 11/17


out to lunch
26-16-4 (+8.47)

No analysis tonight...some unpopular home teams. Indy coming off bad loss getting nets off win without VC. Memphis has revenge for playoffs last year (at least they owe me for game 3) and Dallas biggest cons play on the board. Spurs home after a loss used to be my favorite angle of them all. Seattle bounce back as unpop fave and Utah letdown spot after beating clips without AK. I almost locked indy in at 4 last night, seattle at 2, memphis at 6, and spurs at 8...all but spurs are worse now...although those were all about -115 last night except spurs.

I also lean unders in mem and spurs...might have to post them. Im waiting until last sec with Indy...I can get -4.5 flat right now.


good health lunch, against u wit tha nets. lookin over tha other 3 u got, might be on a few of em.
Don't believe that the Jazz are that hot...

I like Seattle tonight...GL on your picks...:36_1_36:
I posted this a while ago elsewhere...couldnt get into the site until now. Its not like these are looking that great right now, and I dont want any more differences with posted records...its hard enough to continue to remember to take those 2 wins off my record here every

Locked in:

SPURS -7.5 (-108)
MEMPHIS +5 (-103)
dal.mem UNDER 186 (-108)

These 2 are half unit plays: UNDER 185 (-107)
bulls UNDER 88.5 (-102)

The server *breakdown* prevented me from posting in time, Lunch. Im on SAS -8.5 for small, as the Spurs have had their season start with 8 straight road covers. Related to the stats I put across with Boston's situation for their Indy clash, the percentages arent high this situation for the Spurs goes on much longer.
Hopefully they pull away BC...of course when I finally decide to post a couple under they look terrible.
I shoulda known all the comp problems for both sites was a sign...although Indy only down 4 now....
memphis and spurs looking good.
indy coming back on the 3q, hopefully, wins and cover at 4q