NBA Freeplay Friday


Dean Smith Disciple
9-2 Thursday/473-405YTD

Incredible NBA first night back, hit 8-0 spreads, and top 3 plays, going 9-2 losing 2 totals. Reminded me of the 9-0 NBA night I hit earlier this year, a couple more points could have been perfect. Hope regression doesnt hit tonight but we grind on.



Toronto/Atlanta Over 245-120
LAC/Memphis Over 222

Top plays: Suns, Cavs, Pelicans

Lean: Toronto (on a B2B I want to make sure after injury reports, some guy may break a toenail and be out)

GL all.
Using up my bonus plays today hence free play thanks to my host and so many bets going (ha!)

Fading the Bucks in certain spots has been very good this year as they are 21-34-1 ATS and lost to this minny team by 24 a couple weeks ago, against a hungry Wolves team jockeying for Supremacy in their conference and with a much better ATS OF 30-25. To top it all off, this is an ESPN game and the Wolves players will be extra motivated behind their home crowd to beat the NBA champion from 2 years ago to send a message. That's my extent of NBA analysis as these guys can be lazy one night and great the next.

Twolves-4 (Top play)

Line movement is good here and Nuggets not as good on the road, also on the back end of a B2B, I'll play the awful Blazers with the points.

Had Lakers over last night posted from my phone and then saw this morning it didn't post here, ughh. Frustrating as that was my top total last night and posted with the guys on telegram so some here saw it at least.









Spurs/Lakers Over 240-W

Washington/OKC Over 241-120-W

Toronto/Atlanta Over 245-120-L

LAC/Memphis Over 222-L

Top plays: Suns, Cavs, Pelicans, Twolves, Spurs/Lakers Over

4-7 last night, not the best after a great Thursday.

I see some people still spreading my plays and Lies about my plays on another forum, some said I went 0-7. That place really is a cesspool, they cant even lie correctly. Unreal that the owners there allow that nonsense to happen . Oh well, so glad to be here and in the trash with those folks.

Back at it later for night games.