NBA Big Card Wed.


My man, Michael Jordan!
Alright... let's get things cookin'. Been a bumpy road on and off as of late but feel like I'll be back on track soon.

Wizards -3 15X:wacka wacka:

I love this play. Injury concerns for the Wiz concern me a bit... but I think Booth is a decent backup to the backup big man. Lang has also been giving them some energy off the bench. Denver on the back end of a B2B... the score last night doesn't reflect the game.. where ATL had the lead for 3 quarters and just got blown out in the 4th... easy, comfortable win... and now they have to play a well rested Wiz team. I expect alot of energy out of them and should be ready to out-gun the Nuggets.

Bobcats +11 5X :drink:

This is more a Cavs fade... not worthy of laying DD to anyone in the league IMO. They rarely blow teams out and are working Hughes back into the offense.. etc.

Bulls UNDER 201 10X *W*
I had a very strong lean this way last night just scouting through the card but had no line availible. Some great cappers like this one and so do I.. Check Ivy or renew's thread/s for more reasoning... some good stuff there.

PHO -3 1Q 5X:cheers:

DAL -3 1Q 7.5X
Love this play. Angry Mavs team... should come out super sharp and this is LAL 1st game without Odom who touches the ball IMO more than Kobe. Then, first back side of a road B2B in a long time for the show... Kobe might be able to get hot for a late cover.. but I agree with Phillyroom on this play more than any other 1Q tonight.

IND/DET UND 186 2X:spank:
Det plays very sluggish at times after long breaks. I don't see either team shooting extremely well.. and the game should be VERY hard fought. Gimme an 80s-80s type game here.

Nets -2 1Q 2X:shake:

Grizzlies -5.5 2X
Line seems off to me.. opened at -6.5.. and I see Memphis being a 4 point fav max. That being said.. Portland is very trendy to jump on and I think you'll see a supreme effort vs. Portland @ home b/c they know they can get a win. Memphis can hit their FT's down the stretch if its close.

Grizz -5.5 2H (Must lose by less than 8) 7.5 Units *Yesssurr*

Bulls -3 1Q 5X:bow:

Jazz -2.5 1X (Small late night action)

Feels like it's been awhile since we've had a nice big card... I have leans on Spurs 1Q, Bulls 1Q, Bulls game, and a few others I'll add.
I had -3 up, hit post wager and the line changed in seconds... hate that... in this case that's like throwing away $300 if I lose.
Thanks guys.. appreciate it... really do...

Added a few plays in the 1st thread... IND/DET Under, PHO&DAL 1Q's
I'm going to add to the Mavs 1Q. 3 is alot to lay to Kobe.. but Dallas still remembers what Kobe did to them where he torched them and almost outscored the team. He's not 100% and Odom is out... it won't be a quick adjustment for the LAL and I expect them to get beat badly inside early.

Dallas -3 1Q now 7.5X

Also, I've been watching the Grizzlies game... they are COMMING on strong.. were down 21... originally 6.5 point fav's here... Portland didn't miss a 3 pointer till there was 3 mins left in the 1H! I expect Grizz to possibly win SU but make this one close now. This is a very strong play from me.

Grizzlies -5.5 2H 7.5 Units

Thanks Fondy, Flash..
Wouldn' touch the Clipps right now... looking bad and banged up.

That being said I'd rather play the home team in a game like this... probably a no play for me.

Small lean on Utah/Under but again, if I won't play it.. that's not much of a lean lol..
Thanks 3gamblers, barmoy, Nut, Duy... definately needed to bounce back after having an overall off week w/ some bad beats (they come and go)... 10-2 last two nights now with this Jazz game pending small.

Looks like overall CTG had a good night... let's keep it rolling.

OSO, hope the Jazz hold on for this play for ya.