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Sporty Irish Lass
This is as close th a SURE thing as there is!!

Take West Virginia for the game(-21) and 1st Quarter
and 1st Half(-14) and 1st Quarter(-6 1/2)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have seen every down of every game and there is
not a chance in heaven that UCONN is even in this game!!
They can't pass(45%and no TD's) and they will not be
able to run on WV!! They also are terrible against the
run(like 105 in the nation). This has BLOWOUT written
all over it!!!!

:moose: This guy won't be around on Friday.
Girlie - I was leaning to WV 1st Half...will be seriously considering this. GL this week. :cheers:
F WVU and their leaky defense. As noted above, they killed me last weekend in the first half. Having said that, UConn is abysmal and this should be ugly in the 1H.
I think we should have a poll on this game so that the entire board can vote for WVU and I can vote for UConn
Love it. WVU's pss defense is what sucks..won't hurt em in this ballgame

Thanks All and Glad to be here.

Seabass as B.A.R. said the run D for WV will carry the nite here!
It's there Pass d that sucks but only against good passing teams.

56-6 figured the may get 2 FG's
texsn95 said:
Hard not to take 22.5 points, this could be like the ECU game.

I couldn't disagree more with this statement. For one, ECU has a balanced offense, which enabled them to move the ball via the ground and the air against WV (I don't care if they are 2-4). UConn has anything BUT a balanced offense. Top 10 in rushing, and ranked 105th in passing. WV strength is their rush defense. So, take away the main threat of the offense, and what do you have? A big time struggle to sustain drives and generate points.

I think it really comes down to WV scoring touchdowns, which shouldn't be too much of a problem for the Mountaineers. If Navy can rush for 461 yards at UConn (Midshipmen won by 24 points), I see no reason WV cannot do the same (UConn has not played a great team like WV yet this season, and they have looked sub par against average teams, at best).

I'll be on WV 1st Half soon enough. :shake:
Thanks Aztec4Life My thoughts exactly!!!

The weather tonite will be dry but the winds should be starting the same time as the game. They said about 20 mph with gust up to 40 mph.
Will update weather later.
You go, girl!!!