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Pretty much a regular
Nice to get out of town even if it was for a night. Played the #14 ranked golf course in Canada on Saturday and even though it was 3 Celcius still worth it. Hit the casino :wacka wacka: Anyways, 2-2-1 on Saturday night, 0-2-1 on Friday Thanks TMike:cheers: Time to turn these totals around though...

Sides 14-11 +3.10 unit
Totals 24-26-4 -1.84 unit
YTD 38-37-3 + 1.26 unit

Chicago / Philadelphia under 6 +121

Chicago hasnt scored a goal since their big guys went down to injury, both teams are scoring under 2 a night in their last 5 games, Philly under 2 for the year. Based on how the Hawks have looked without Havlat / Handzus they shouldnt have too much ice to work with tonight either. Gotta be able to have scorers on the ice to get over this total and I dont think either side does. Both teams have reasonable special teams etc.

Anaheim -0.5 -105

Ducks havent lost a game in regulation this year, they have won 4 straight vs the Blues and the Blues have Blues struggle vs the 'better' teams in the league and I really see no reason why this should change tonight. Anaheim scoring over 3 a night, but holding opponents to 1.7 and 1.25 on the road playing a good 'road game'. Blues score 2.3 a night but allow over 3. Ducks PK unit will be able to hold the Blues PP unit in check for the most part.

Toronto / Atlanta under 6.5

Playing a let down spot for both teams here as both had to go into an arena and excape witha 5-4 SO win on Saturday night. Both were 'emotional' games as the crowd is always amped for both sides in MTL and Buffalo is a top team the Thrashers had to beat. Toronto isnt scoring nearly enough at home at 2.29 a game, and the Thrashers are holding opponents under 3 on the road. Maurice has been working on 3-3 coverage for the past 4 days or so after Ottawa exposed em, should be sinking in eventually. lol. Lehtonen was in net for only 1 of the Leafs games where the Leafs ran over the Thrashers so Im confident him and his .918 save % and Raycroft after getting the night off on Saturday should be in good form tonight.

Thats it.

GL everyone:cheers:
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Farm - sounds good, nice price tag IMO. GL tonight

Noose - good to hear that man. Toronto / Atl play is more of an observational play as I know the way the #'s point. GL tonight

eames -:hitchhik:
GL tonight, Santa!
Sheesh, you must really love your golf to play in that kind of weather!
Looking good man! Good luck!

I am taking a break until I have settled in on the new job. I will just do the road series system for now...

Some days are very tough to bet. Not betting against you on either total because I see some logic in them but Lehtonen has been terrible for a while and Esche 9-0-1 over last 10 at home. Just not seeing much reason to speculate here. GL
Dreamer - last round of the year was on Saturday, had the winter golf gloves on and really wasnt all that bad, except theres one hole where it was right by the Falls and the wind was pretty brutal. I'll take my round though. Thanks. GL

Charvik - good luck on the first day of the job man. GL with the system too.

Tuck - certainly understand what you are saying, I think its the shots that Atlanta has been giving up that has made him look worse than it is. Leafs IMO dont have the skaters for that, they are having a tough time at home thats for sure. Esche has a 1.63 GAA avg vs the Hawks, I usually dont like playing him with an under but in this case the way the Hawks are adapting to their new lines on an already weak team with regards to depth and I think he will be OK. GL :cheers:
i wanna golf :( I wish I hadnt lost so much money betting NFL put more on the chi under...good pick. if any of you see me posting NFL or college football picks, bet the opposite of what I say and slap me in the face
Went with the under plus 19 in Flyers after all. Boucher did start with this organization and I am going to do some wishing and a fishing with you here. GL
yeah you bastard, thanks for letting me know what time you were going to hit the Casino:spank: So, I got the job I was talking about and may just be in your hood next week. If so, I'll let you know and we can meet up at one of those fine bars up north :smiley_acbe: GL tonight bro:cheers:
Cass - wasnt your typical golf weather. LOL.. thanks. Start checking out some NFL threads here for reasons etc not just the picks, some guys are really on the ball. GL

Tuck - like the price tage at the plus money with these guys. Agree with you on Boucher as it was factored. Thanks. GL

MCM - yeah man, totally forgot and had a tonne of running around to do in the days up to it. Busy time at work. Congrats on the job man. Definitely drop me a line, since we are what... like 5 minute drive in log jammed traffic. LOL. GL

Terp = sounds good to me. GL
good luck, hopefully the Leafs don't fuck around with me, i'll give them some respect if they win this game and score 4
Nice Pics

Great Pics! I used the first two together with the New England Pats.
Thanks to you
it was an excellent night. You sure seem to know your hockey
Looking forward to seeing more! :smiley_acbe:
Thanks fellas, anaheim giving up 2 separate 2 goal leads sucked, but thats the way they played the game.

Anyways, not going to play anything for the sake of it tonight. For each plus to a play there is an equal negative :down:

lots of stuff to look for tomorrow:wacka wacka: