Monday Pucks


Pretty much a regular
Going to have to make this real quick with more Thanksgiving dinner with the g/f family. Still stuffed from yesterdays meals but oh well. 4-2 on Saturday, typicall I dont play any NHL on Sundays, personal rule / superstition.

Sides 2-3 -1.45 unit
Totals 8-3 +5 unit
YTD 10-6 +3.55 unit

Tampa Bay / Atlanta under 6.5

All you need to do is take a look at the previous 2 games i have played the under for Atlanta. They came out scoring on paper on Satruday night but 2 were bounces going their way and they still managed to play solid D. Tampa Bay is holding their opponents to outside shots and under 20 in 2 games this season.

Thats it rught now. Not much that intrigues me, going to wait to maybe play a couple more.

GL everyone:cheers:
I like this a lot! I doesn't hurt to have Lehtonen and Denis in the pipes (according to HockeyInformer)...

I'll play this too...:drink:
I have a couple other games close to under too, but I will play the Salami instead UNDER 30.5 -110
I hear ya... still leary with them under from how they have played previous seasons...
SC, I hope Atlanta scores 6 goals and TB doesn't score any!
Charvik - glad you like it too. I capped the Salami pretty close to that # but will certainly root for ya man. GL

Noose - don't be afraid of it... lol. Been on it the first 2 games. Lehtonen is a good goalie. GL

Mike - think with the revenge of the first game it should be a good close game. GL

Sooner - sounds good to me, as long as that sixth comes nice and late, cant handle another game like Saturdays. GL


Columbus -117

Toronto / Florida over 6
popcorn - thanks. GL tonight

terps - same to you . GL

Fondy - thanks man. GL today too.

Well looks like Auld is going to be the beneficiary of some nice bounces half way through the 2nd period