Monday Night Under the Lights


The Law of Winning
Overall: 4-4 -.69 units

Only one so far:

Cowboys -.5 1st Q (1/1.56)

Couldn't pass up these odds. Line is same for the half and the juice is -104. If I think they'll win the half, I gotta take this for 1.5/1 odds. Maybe one more later we will see.
Popular play tonight! Good luck, dude!
Makes a lot of sense Zach. Guess they like Brees in the 1q, compared to Bowlmann coming in (damn i butchered his name) for the 2nd...

I'll ride it with you for $10
Sooner - :shake:

Goose - :cheers:

Hell yeah Fondy! Good luck yourself I see you've been donig some money; yourself!

I was liking the UNDER earlier, and now that SMH is on it, I'm going to tail him. Follow the smoke to the fire? Follow the smoke to SMH!

Boys/Saints Under 37 (1.07/1)
Thanks guys!

Too bad on the under, should have hit but we got moosed.

KingKrunked - it was.......AWESOME!

1-0-1 +1.56 UNITS
Nice hit and then comes the fucking Moose. 1-0-1 isn't bad at all! Congrats Ramble!