Monday NBA (11-13-06)


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47-26-5 +19.47 units

Alright, I was at the Lions game yesterday and never got to post or even play anything. I know its always heresay but i liked Nets and Lakers and was going to tail BDK on the Rockets. That sucks missing out on a 3-0 day but thats fine. It will happen again this season and I will miss out on a 0-3 day hopefully.

Pretty nice stretch as of late..8-2 I think last 10 plays...lets see what we can do tonight...

Three game card tonight:

Injuries of note:
-Francis questionable
-G. Hill questionable
-Jefferson doubtful to out

Really the only new signaficant injuries involving the slate tonight.

Orlando @ Boston

Boston sure has to be reeling a bit after blowing that huge lead against Cavaliers Saturday night. Those type of games will follow you for a game or two after no matter what the coaches say to get it out of your minds. I still think Boston is a 25-30 win team and think Orlando is a 40-45 win team. No G. Hill perhaps, who has played very well to start season, makes me lean off Orlando here. I'll sit this one out.

Seattle @ New Jersey

This game involves two factors colliding. The Seattle SuperSonics are on the getaway game of a 5 game trip. Its also a 5-in-7 situation. They went to OT at Atlanta on Saturday night. Lastly, they have 2 wins on this trip so this is not a desperate game. Conversely, the New Jersey Nets are off a OT win yesterday in Washington. They lost a 16 point lead and VC had to come through with some heroics at the end. The biggest part is RJ is out for at least another game. I had this line valued at 8 with Jefferson in but am suprised its at 3 here. Jason Kidd on a b2b scares me more than anything. Still lean Nets, no play for now at -3.

Cleveland @ New York

Alright, the New York Knicks return home off a 1-2 mini west coast trip. I call it mini because they never got farther than the rockies and only played 3 games. Still, they are right back in action at home with one day of rest in between. I love those situations after 5 game trips. This one I like(lol). The Knicks played well on the trip. You can see some things coming together. They believe in their coach this year and I see more unity(somewhat). The Cavs meanwhile had a stirring comeback Saturday night vs Boston. They were miserable in the first half and snuck by the C's late. Here's thinking they do not take another sub .500 team lightly this time around. Remember, this game is at the mecca and players of Bron's stature always like to show off their talents on the floors of MSG. He is going to put on a show tonight. I had this line about 7 and will gladly lay 5 in this spot. Watch as Damon Jones and Donyell Marshall have big outings. Knicks defense against perimeter is not good./ Its especially bad on kickoutts and drive and kicks.

Cleveland -5 -117

Best of luck tonight. Any questions or thoughts please leave them and I will check back later. Getting started with Tuesday's board as we speak.
Hate to go against you... Will prolly be one of only a few times all year that we disagree... Good health, and let's get to work on this nice Tuesday card
Killa and bar go mano e mano.

Im sittin this weak 3 game card out. Me and Fond are hitting the Bucks on Tuesday.

GL Bar :shake:
Thanks Copps.

Killa, getting to work right now on em. I'll hit ya up on AIM in a little while.
Love NYK myself but Grant Hill I believe sat out on Saturday as a precaution(scheduled rest day) to keep him fresh for the entire year I believe. So he should be playing tonite and there appears to be No injury. Just ORL doing what it can to get him through an entire season. GL also think NJ is soft but have to play them after fading Seattle past two games....

I figured you would be on the Knicks tonight. No problem. I am the minority tonight it seems(lol). I have said all along that Knicks will present some great value at some point this year. I still think its a little bit off but lets see if they continue the solid play from last three games.

I was looking at the ORL and injury report and kind of spotted same thing. Looking at this game some more again.
The Knicks pretty much cant defend anyone especially big men like Duncan , O'Neal , Ming and so on that also measn they leave a shooter wide open trying to double. While Zydrunas is solid he doesnt play that close to the basket and hopefully a more finesse big men wont give nY so much trouble. I just think Cle is inconsistent right now there FT shooting has been horrible and Cle doesnt appear on paper to be able to take advantage of NY disadvantages...I really couldnt give a reason to take NY othere then fading CLE here...the only plus I see for NY is they havent quit in any games yet always finding a way to rally but lets be honest all DD games early vs Den , SA and Hous...overing doesnt imply they played well...the opponent was able to keep them at arms distance...I think Cavs first teamto not score 100 vs NY this season.

Good Luck bro..oh and with Orlando they are hands down the better team but think they are 2-14 last 16 at Boston . For that reason alone , plus 3rd road in 4 days versus a desperate Bos team I couldnt even lay -1 with them here.Boston 1st H maybe ...
Orl Sentinel has Hill almost certain for playing tonight. God forbid, he trips on the way to the arena
rather routine 2-0 +3.04 units

49-26-5 +22.51 units

Neither was easy...esp Cle...and Nets looked shitty till about 5 minute mark..we'll take it.
Great work BAR.

The card looks nice for tomorrow, looking forward to a big day.