Monday 11-27


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62-41-6 +28.75 units

Two plays for tonight.

Golden State +4 -112
Utah -5.5 -106

both for one unit.

Spurs on a b2b play a close one in the bay area. Orlando isn't a very good road team. Utah best rebounding team in game. Dwight Howard will be fighting sa lonely battle up front.

Back about 10:30 tonight:cheers:
Thanks fellas.

Agree wholeheartedly smh. If their defense was a tad better I would play game a bit more. I'll take a win though.
With you on GS, and well... hopefully the Jazz win by 6 (I got the Magic +6.5).

Lets get this thing goin' boss.

Hit me up on msn sometime.
Appreciate it Goob.

Degen...big play around the site

tru....hit me up soon bro...I be around most of day tomorrow...I'll get ya at 4ish

renew...Imma hit you up on AIM later tonight if thats okay

Tim..thank yas sir!