Mon NBA Action


Pretty much a regular
YTD: 23-16-1, +55.17u

Have been very busy the past week but had nice to look over tonights card and here is what jumped out in the late games. No time for write-ups as some of the games are starting in 30mins..

Sorry for the late post, I generally try to get my selections in 2 hours before gametime.

Minnesota T-Wolves (+9) 7u @ -107
(ml) 2u @ +405

Orlando Magic (+6.5) 5u @ -105
(ml) 1u @ +245

GS Warriors (ml) 3u @ +160

Lovin' the Doggies tonight.
Thanks BetCrimes.

I really think the Spurs are overdue for a road loss, and the Warriors will try to run them out of the gym tonight at home. Should be a tight game, and I love taking the home team at +160.
Killa said:
What a comeback by Minny!

Very impressive.

Too bad they missed that tip in with a minute left in a tie game. That screwed the ml bet, but I will settle with the cover. (Crosses fingers).
93-87 Dallas.

Would've been great hitting the moneyline, but hey I'll settle with the cover. Very impressive run in the 4th to close the gap. Seemed like they trailed by 15 everytime I turned off the football game to check out the score.

1-1, +5u, start to the night...

I'll take it.
88-75 Orlando.

Never a doubt in this one. Utah is a good team, but they are not worthy of a 12-3 record. The Magic are a strong Eastern Conference team, and Dwight Howard is one of the best young players in the game. 21pts and 16 boards all in an average days work. There was never a doubt in this game.

Brings the tally on the day to 3-1, +12.45u.

Thanks Orleans, would still love to see the Warriors come through to top it off.

Tied 50-50 at the half, second half line set as a pick. I concidered hedging the bet off but decided since the night is going nice thus far I am letting it ride. May not be the correct move to make by the book, but I like my chances.
111-102 GS.

Excellent effort at home by the Warriors to knock off the hot Spurs. Been a long day though and its definetely time to hit the sack and try to make up some for a lack of sleep over the weekend. Hopefully things will keep rolling in the NBA tomorrow.

4-1, +17.25u on the night.