MistaFlava's ***Weekly Boxing Picks*** (Aug.7-13)


2006 Boxing Record: 0-0 (+0.00)

Welcome to my boxing wagers. I have been wagering on boxing for years and although I have not posted many fights, I have been quite succesful betting on this sport. Here we go with my first week of posting.​


Vacant Trans American Middleweight Title

Verno Phillips (39-10-1) vs. Teddy Reid (23-7-2)
Wednesday, August 9, 2006 (ESPN)​

Verno Phillips -300 ($300 to win $100)

This is the only fight they are offering on Wednesday Night Fights on ESPN2 tonight and I fully intend on collection the free money that is being offered. Had I been quicker in the first place, I could have had Verno Phillipps at -185 but those numbers are long gone in the hands of Vegas sharp bettors. Both fighters are getting old but what you have to understand is that Verno Phillips is an ex IBF Middleweight champ and according to him, his good days are not yet behind him. He has lost two of his last three (losing to Ouma and Quartey) but Teddy Reid is not of the same caliber. Phillips is definitely a boxer before a brawler and his technical skills are much better than Reid's. Reid is the kind of guy that looks for the knockout punch right away and he is a pure brawler. I was going to wager on the OVER 9.5 round because I see this going to the cards or ending in the 11th but with a guy like Reid who is hit or miss, anything can happen in the early rounds and Phillips would love nothing more than to knock this guy out early. Reid is a pure brawler and he has no chance of ever winning on points. Like I mentioned before, this is going to be a very exciting fight and I am very confident that Phillips will be the smarter fighter and avoid geting hit by those haymakers. Would love for some better odds on total and fighters but you live with what they give you and shitty odds is what we have. Enjoy a crazy fight and enjoy a Verno Phillips celebration post once this is all said and done.​

Good luck with the boxing Flava.

I follow it quite commonly, and will try to chime in on the discussion with you from time to time.
Thanks Krunked. Fight went like I predicted but I didn't have the balls to take the OVER 9.5 rounds with the way Reid punches.

Phillips stops Reid!
Former WBO and IBF junior middleweight champion Verno Phillips (39-11-1, 20 KOs) looked extremely sharp in winning a twelfth round TKO over hard punching Teddy Reid (23-7-2, 17 KOs) Wednesday night at Foxwoods Casino in Mashantuckett, Connecticut. Phillips had Reid reeling at the end of round six with a barrage of accurate shots, and later dropped Reid with a body shot in the ninth (Reid was deducted a point for spitting out his mouthpiece). The bout was stopped in the twelfth when Reid took a hard shot and referee Gary Rosato quickly jumped in. Time was 2:40. With the win, Phillips adds the TransAmerica middleweight title to his list of accomplishments.

Nice stuff flava.

I prolly watched every fight card from 2003 start till mid 2004...been outta it for most part since(still follow it a bit..by reading)..but this kinda stuff can be golden.

Look forward to future thoughts
2006 Boxing Record: 1-0 (+$100)

The Fight last night went very well and went pretty much like I expected. Verno was never in danger because Teddy Reid was looking for the haymaker from the start and did not do one little bit of boxing whatsoever. It was easy money and although the odds were garbage, I am willing to do it again if I have to.​


Thursday, August 10, 2006
Jose Luis Zertuche (18-2-2) vs. Carlos Bojorquez (26-8-6)
10 Rounds​

Jose Luis Zertuche -333 ($333 to win $100)

Another fight with shitty odds. Once again, I would rather take the OVER/UNDER in this fight and say that it goes UNDER but 9.5 in a 10 Round Fight is not my cup of tea. I don't know where I get the courage to place these wagers but it should be another easy one. Much like last night, this is another fight in the Middleweight division. Zertuche is an old Mexican Olympic fighter and Carlos Bojorquez has been around the block. El Elotero as they call Zertuche is not the most skilled boxer in the world and the only time he struggles is when he faces guys with good boxing skills who can move. Bojorquez is one of those guys that just sits there right in front of you and dares you to do something about it. That is what kind of style Zertuche likes. Bojorquez doesn't mind getting pounded to the very end because he can actually take a punch. However, he has had several cuts around his eyes which have caused him problems in the past and Zertuche will be working him hard. If Zertuche was a guy who can't move around, I would say don't take him. Since he can move and is decent on his feet, he will not fall into a Bojorquez trap and should be able to win this on points or on an early stoppage because of cuts. This is going to be another exciting fight and it's time to download this one maybe sometime tomorrow. No TV here but Zertuche is going to prove something tonight and I will be there for the win.​

The fight once again went exactly as I predicted and I am glad I stayed away from that total because it was too sketchy to begin with. See you all tomorrow.

Easly Results from Las Vegas!

Super welterweight Jose Luis Zertuche (19-2-2, 14 KOs) scored a hard fought eighth round KO over Carlos Bojorquez (26-9-6, 22 KOs). The bout was slugfest from the opening bell with Zertuche ending it with a wicked left hook to the body. Time was 1:25.

2006 Boxing Record: 2-0 (+$200)

The Fight last night went once again as I had predicted and in fact, it was a great undercard fight on OLN, leading up to a shocking Main Event that saw a -1200 favorite go down in flames. I am glad I was not on him like several people in Vegas and on Covers were. There are some great fights coming up in the next few weeks and this is one of them.​


Friday, August 11, 2006 (ESPN2)
Edner Cherry (20-4-2) vs. Daniel Alicea (30-5-2)
12 Rounds​

Vacant NABF Lightweight Title

UNDER 9.5 Rounds -149 ($1192 to win $800)

Finally some good odds to bet on. We all know Edner Cherry is going to take this belt but the question is when will he knock the living shit out of this Puerto Rican Pipino. Alicea is an old dude who is I think 34 or 35 years old and he is was washed up as they get. You know how boxing can be boring sometimes? Well Edner Cherry hasn't had a boring fight since I've been watching Friday Night Fights. He has shown on several different occasions that he can attack like a monster and box like an expert at the same time. This Alicea guy comes from way back in the days were Prince Naseem Hamed was fighting (he fought him in England). After getting knocked out cold early in his fight against Campbell, Alicea disappeared from boxing for something like 2-3 years and has since comeback to fight a bunch of chumps to win three straight. Im not impressed and his wins won't change the way I feel about this fight. The bottom line is that he has been knocked out in 4 of his 5 losses and those knockouts all came before the end of the eight round which makes this a great wager. Like I said before, Cherry is not going to lose this fight and although he is not a big knockout guy and he doesn't throw big time haymakers, his style of boxing can fluster older guys and I have no doubt it will do that to the much older Alicea. Cherry is coming down in weight for this fight (well from his natural weight) so he is big and strong while Alicea used to fight at 120lbs. which means his original power is nothing to write home about. The first few round are going to see Cherry doing some homework on this guy and probably studying the way he fights. Alicea is going to come out guns blazing and he is either going to get caught early or get caught in the middle rounds when Cherry decides to unload some bombs on his tired ass. You will be worried in the opening rounds but wait until Rounds 7 or 8 and you will see the stoppage.​

2006 Boxing Record: 2-1 (-$992)

Very disappointing that Cherry waited until the 12th Round to knock that useless old man clown out last night. He had several chances in the middle rounds of the fight but opted not to go for the kill. I lost money on the week but no risk, no gain. I'll get it back with the fights tonight.​


Saturday, August 12, 2006 (HBO PPV)
Jose Armando Santa Cruz (23-1) vs. David Diaz (31-1-1)
12 Rounds​

WBC Lightweight Title

UNDER 10.5 Rounds -136 ($680 to win $500)

Some more juice for a fight that I think will end with one fighter knocking the other fighter out. Both guys have tremendous records and both guys have a 'refuse to lose' attitude when they step into the ring. Santa Cruz has 13 of his wins by knockout and five of his last six fights have ended prior to the 10.5 mark we are getting. His only long distance fight was against last night's winner Edner Cherry. Santa Cruz lost to Trejo almost a year ago today and even when he lost, it was by way of knockout in the 8th Round. There is a very good chance that David Diaz at +419 can pull off the win in this fight and I wouldn't be shocked to see him do it. Santa Cruz is one hell of an agressive fighter and he comes out guns blazing and is in such good shape that he almost never lets up when he smells blood. Diaz' only loss came against Kendall Holt and it was via knockout in the 8th Round of the fight. Both fighters have shown that they can be very agressive but they have also both shown that they can have a week chin and that could hurt these guys. Regardless, this is a great undercard fight on tonight's PPV and this fight is worth purchasing the PPV. Santa Cruz is going to come out swinging and it should end the fight early

2006 Boxing Record: 2-1 (-$992)

Very disappointing that Cherry waited until the 12th Round to knock that useless old man clown out last night. He had several chances in the middle rounds of the fight but opted not to go for the kill. I lost money on the week but no risk, no gain. I'll get it back with the fights tonight.


Saturday, August 12, 2006 (HBO PPV)
Hasim Rahman (41-5-2) vs. Oleg Maskaev (32-5)
12 Rounds

WBC Heavyweight Title

Hasim Rahman -240 ($4800 to win $2000)

From the minute they called this PPV 'America's Last Line of Defense', I knew that Rahman would probably be motivated to win this thing. Before I get into any information about the technicalities of the fight, for those of you concerned about a DRAW Situation (which has happened to Rahman twice now), just remember that ending a fight in a DRAW two straight fights almost never happens and Rahman is coming off a DRAW with big boy James Toney. Not happening again. Rahman is not going to risk this becoming another DRAW and he will make sure he punishes the shit out of Maskaev...just enough to end this fight around the 10th or 11th rounds. Maskaev is no pushover...and is 10-0 in his last 10 fights. However, most of those opponents he faced have been of the lower quality and this is by far the biggest and baddest fighter he has seen in years. Well don't forget these two fought back in 1999 and Maskaev knocked Rahman right out in that fight. However, I clearly remember Rahman was winning that fight by a large margin when he got stopped and had this gone to the cards or gone on a bit longer, Rahman would have easily brought home the cash money. Rahman is the only man that stands between every single Heavyweight Title being owned by a Russian born (or USSR born) fighter. Seeing that Maskaev has been knocked out 5 times in his career and Rahman only three, don't sit there and think for a second that Rahman won't be a lot sharper this fight than he was the last time they met. Like I said, Rahman was winning that fight anyways but got caught with a lucky combination. Thel Torrance (Rahman's trainer) has worked even harder with his boy this time around, making sure he is not too eager to knock the Kazahk monster out. Maskaev is going to throw some bombs with the right hand but I saw his last fight against Samil Sam and he was definitely beatable. Rahman is going to have some massive crowd support in this fight and I fully expect him to be ready and willing to impress everyone with a huge win. This is one of my biggest boxing bets in the last few years. Enjoy the fight.

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Diaz knocks out Santa Cruz in the 10th Round and bet is a winner.

Diaz shocks Santa Cruz!
By Matt Richardson and Albert Howell at ringside
Hopelessly behind on the cards, lightweight David Diaz (32-1-1, 17 KOs) came to life in round ten to drop Jose Armando Santa Cruz (23-2, 13 KOs) twice and force a stoppage by referee Richard Steele. Time was 2:26. Santa Cruz had won virtually every round before Diaz rocked him with an uppercut that did in the defending titlist. With the win, David Diaz won the WBC interim lightweight title, joining WBA champion Juan Diaz and IBF interim champ Julio Diaz as the third lightweight world titlist with the Diaz surname.
My week is done. I can't believe Rahman got KO'ed in the 12th. He was winning the fight and was a minute away from retaining his title.

Unreal this bullshit. Big losses for me this week...see you guys next week
the most disappointing part about this was that Rahman was ahead on two scorecards and all he had to do was hold on for another 40-50 seconds for the win or close to it.
Very tough break Flava.

I am sure you will rebound though.. don't get too horny for action, football will be around soon enough..lol.

Good luck buddy.