Matt's Monday NHL


Pretty much a regular
0-0 YTD.

This is going to be my first season capping the NHL, but as a long time fan I believe I will be able to have some success capping the league. All plays will be for one unit (risking/to win) and on the whole game (OT included) unless otherwise noted. All lines will also be taken from Pinnacle unless noted.

Here's to a profitable NHL season. :cheers:

Mighty Ducks (-136) -0.5 (regulation) 2u

Blue Jackets (-117)

Blues/Ducks Over 6 (+116)

Thrashers (+125)
Good luck tonight, dude!!
Thanks Sooner.

Glad to see we are on the same side with the Thrashers.
Good luck Matt!

Welcome to our little corner of the forum. There aren't a lot of us here yet, but hopefully we can keep winning and get the others over here to, LOL!

Toronto_Mike said:
where did you get the Ducks -0.5? That's such a huge drop from the original juice

Got it at pinnacle. It is a regulation line as well meaning they have to win the game in regulation. If they win in overtime the bet is graded as a loss..

Generaly I like this type of bet for the lower juice, but it can come back to kick you in the ass. For example, I had the same bet tonight on the Maple Leafs (-0.5) and they won in a shoot-out so the bet was graded as a loss. Normaly wouldn't be that bad of a loss but it would've been the 6th leg of a decent sized parlay so needless to say I am a little upset about it.