Maryland at West Virginia

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Ok guys there is 4days before this game starts lets here!

Why WVU will cover the -14.5
Why MARYLAND will cover the +14.5


ALSO why will the game go UNDER 46


Why will the game go OVER 46

(line opened @ 43 but is already @ 46 on most sites)
I haven't seen either play so I don't know. Looking at Maryland's scores against inferior opponents (13/14 point wins against W&M/MTSU) everything points to a blowout by West Virginia.

Its one of those games I won't touch because is basically a coin flip on whether or not West Virginia shows up.
Aufan59 said:
I haven't seen either play so I don't know. Looking at Maryland's scores against inferior opponents (13/14 point wins against W&M/MTSU) everything points to a blowout by West Virginia.

Its one of those games I won't touch because is basically a coin flip on whether or not West Virginia shows up.


West Virginia @ Home, on ESPN against a border state rival, how can they not show up?
All you need is to hear what Timh has to say about this game and lean to whatever side he tells you. He knows his Maryland team well.
Good work fellows leaning towards a Monster Parlay with WVU

or even a simple tease!
The Power Ratings I respect and use in my capping have WVU -22 in this game. I'd still like to hear from Timh before I lay my money.
Im loving it DOG we just need to get this ok before line starts Jumping up like crazy.

Good work SoonerBS, Sometime its just the smallest facts to a game that we all over look.

Who are we kidding WVU is going to BLow out Maryland. The level of talent is no where near each other here. Some people have WVU winning it all! (NOT ME) Maryland just beat William and Mary by 13 and Middle Tenn ST. by 14.

Trying to see to much into this game!

ITS WVU in a blow out and also the OVER
This line started high dropped like 2 points and now is back on the rise.. Craziness
wvu always plays well on thursday primetime in fact the only time i think they lost in the L5 years was miami with dorsey and macgahee and probably a moss in there somewhere. they beat everyone and i see no reason why that trend doesn't continue
MD has played very conservatively offensively in their first two games, choosing to accentuate the running game and get their offensive line a lot of work in that area. The strength of their team offensively is good depth at running back with Ball, Lattimore and Allen and a deep talented offensive line. The most inexperienced part of MD's team is at WR, where they have very little returning experience other than Weatherly (injured foot did not play in first two games) and Oquendo. Isaiah Williams and Oquendo have been starting and RF Darius Heyward-Bey who has a lot of speed has been worked into the rotation. Ralph is frustrated by the lack of depth at the position right now and has stated that he wants to try and simplify things for his WR's right now. MD basically has just stuck to the ground in these two first games, and not asked Hollenbach to do much in the way of downfield passing. I think some of this has been by design to not show opponents a lot on film of the passing game and then some has been Friedgen trying to simplify the offense for his young players. My concern is will MD be able to draw on a downfield passing game this early in the year when they are building in that area. If they fall behind by more than a TD they will have to try and move the ball through the air probably more than they would like. I think the place to attack WVU is through the air, with their young secondary still gaining experience. MD has a lot of success through the Friedgen era attacking the 3-3-5 stack, but I think Ralph will have to be willing to throw the ball a little bit more here to keep the WVU defense off balance. WVU is a very tough place to play and their running game with Slaton and White is outstanding. MD will have to committ to first and foremost stop the run. The good news for MD is they can afford to play man on one side with Josh Wilson who is a lock down corner on either Reynaud or Myles and hopefully this will enable them to go ahead and commit at least one of the safeties to stopping the run. They have to make White try and beat them through the air, so I expect to see a lot of 8 in the box dedicated to the run. MD will need to stay in this game early and not make turnovers if they are to have a chance. If the get down by more than a TD I will be concerned about their ability to make up a large deficit. I do think they can stay in this game though by being effective defensively against the run. I figured it would open at 14 or so which it did, and see it has been bet up to 16 rather quickly. This doesn't surprise me as WVU has gotten a lot of national recognition and deservedly so. I will probably pass on the game but if I can get 17 or more, may be inclined to make a small play on MD.
Just don't like MD on the road here... I think it could get fugly.. WVU needs to use this as a platform for their national championship run.
excellent stuff Tim.

I think WVU is capable of getting out early second qtr with a double digit lead and then the Maryland offense will have to change which doesn't bode well for the Terps. The closer it is early the more effective the Terps can be. I don't think they will be able to though.
Think WVU is going to be so pumed for this game that they are going to come out strong

WVU 1st half might not be a bad play!
Yeah and you just won't see WVU letup in this one. They have only so many opportunities like this one... national exposure.. only game on television.... I suppose the Louisville matchup??? but even with a win after that everyone has dismissed them and their national championship quest... even to ONE loss teams. How do you get around that? You change the way people think by laying a romping on a run of the mill MD team. Anything less than a 3 TD win at home isn't worthy of a title contender. Hopefully your right BAR and WVU jumps out early... 10-0, 14-0... MD will be forced to play right into their hands...

I don't like the 1H play with WVU as much as game ... I think they are capable of wearing down defenses more so than any other team in the country... dual threat and the playbook uses the whole field.

Not the strongest play this week/weekend but it's a pretty darn good Thursday one I'd say.
The only thing to know about this game is that the Kousin Kissers have covered EVERY game since Pat White has become their starting QB, beginning in the middle of last year. Until that streak ends...why would anyone bet against them?
Well it looks like I'll be in the minority here but this line is borderline ridiculous. I made West Virginia 9 1/2 and was all set to take 14. It's been bet up to 17???

I can flat promise you it will not close that high. Maryland doesn't have to win the game but it would not shock me if they did and if I can take a team that has a chance to win and get 17 points, I'll do it every time.

Say what you want about West Virginia, they are not as good as everyone makes them out to be. Maryland very vanilla in their first two games and Fridge is a masterful game-planner in spots where little is expected of his team. I think this will be a battle. Will end up with a BIG bet on Maryland, just because this price is overly generous.
College how do ur rankings only have west virginia at 9.5 favorites? Im assuming 3 points for homefield. So your saying that on a neutral field WVU would be favored by less than a touchdown?

West Virginia isnt as good as everyone makes them out to be? What grounds can u make that comment? Would you like to provide a game that backs up that statement?
Marylands last 7 games
Va Tech 9 - 28
@ FSU 27 - 35
@ UNC 33 - 30
BC 16 - 31
@ NC St 14 - 20
Middle Tenn 24 - 10
William and mary 27 - 14
That is 4 - 3 in their last 7 with their biggest win coming over NC ST..

Marshal 42 - 10
E wash 52 - 3
UGA 38 - 35
@ USF 28 - 13
Pitt 45 - 13
Cincy 38 - 0
Uconn 45 - 13
Lousiville 46 - 44

They have won 13 out of their last 14 Their only loss was to va tech... but yet they arent that good.. Makes a whole lot of sense!
BTW I cant believe i wasted my time lookin at marylands numbers. Maryland was actually outgained by Middle Tenn St last game
lmfao...I guess you'll have your whole bankroll on WVU then dude...not everything is BLACK and WHITE....I agree w/ Rex...I think this line is too high...I won't guarantee anything but if it hit 17.5, I will be on MD small as well...
JumpOnBoard said:
lmfao...I guess you'll have your whole bankroll on WVU then dude...not everything is BLACK and WHITE....I agree w/ Rex...I think this line is too high...I won't guarantee anything but if it hit 17.5, I will be on MD small as well...

Did i say they wouldnt cover?

All i asked was how can you say wvu isnt that good? I mean are they as good as USC maybe not. But are they top 5 or 6 yes..
What have they done to prove that they arent. I also asked about his line of 9.5 how he came about that?

Thanks Jump :3_7_3v:
I'll let Rex respond to your questions addressed to him, but like I said, if it gets 17.5, that's my play...based on value...I think that line is to high...Fat Friedge has been known to come up w/ some goodies in these spots...MD was his worst team in five years last year, so those games mean very little to me...they've been unimpressive thus far, but read Tim's thoughts...they haven't tried much...u hear the same stuff on every Mich thread here so far, w/out incident...I think WVU is very good...they have a great two headed monster and Rodriguez is getting great classes w/ amazing speed...they play good at home, and I would be very surprised if they get beat here....I just think that this line is getting bet too high after it opened a bit too high, just a bit..
...and perhaps I wasn't clear as well; I think anything over 14 is great value on the Turtles. However (IMO), value alone does not make a play...the fact White has not lost a game ATS since he's been a starter HAS to account for something, doesn't it?!

All that being said, if this line goes above 17, I will have to make a small play on Maryland out of sheer principle.
This is why we cuss and discuss these games. I love it!

I obviously disagree with any power ratings that make WVU less than -14 in this game. But, I don't disagree with Rexy's statement that WVU is overated. BUT, I don't look for that fact to play out on Thursday Night ESPN Showcase Your Ball Team Football Night! I'm looking for Louisville and Pitt to beat WVU this season once they get into conference play.
+17.5 -113 now at Pinny. Pinny ML actually was at +990 last night for a while and has dropped back down to +840. The +990 was a ridiculous number based on the other offerings out there at the time.
It was a comment about relative value of Pinny ML on that game in regard to other books. Maybe you should donate some $ down there, a lot of people could use the help.
abcs, come on man. +1000 IS some value in that ML - it opened at a ridiculous +470. I wouldn't take the +g, but timh makes a valid statement here.

invoking katrina victims nowadays strikes me as similar to Godwin's Law.'s_law
Big-time revenger for MD, even though, as Jump said, they weren't very good last year, they were still favored 3 at the time of the game and dominated things.

They were plus-14 in turnovers last year and 3-0 in games decided by 7 or less... Lost a lot in the secondary, including four All-Big East players overall on defense...I think the Terps can expose the 3-3 stack early and control the ball at times.

Not putting too much stock in the first couple of weeks... Turtles are only 1-6 as a home fave ATS the last 2 yrs, so they don't care if they cover or not. They are 10-4 ATS their last 14 road games. They will not be intimidated and they will NOT get embarassed.

Big bet for me. Show me a 17.5 and I will pound it again.




This is a great thread Big Daddy. Im on tha U this weekend.. lets get it!

I agree with you this weekend on Miami! Actually getting ready to post another thread on the Louisville vs Miami game. Lets hammer this year! I have followed your picks and if you dont mind I would like to begin the quest for "OPERATION PLASMA" with you! I have the BIG SCREEN but your right its no PLASM!



Yea i dont really have many ats plays this week. I was up a nice bit but gave back like 5 units on the nfl which set back my operation. But its all good. Im headin to athens in the morning for the uab game. Im hopin i dont get moosed here and we can have a profitable week.