Maryland at West Virg.(Dime Play)


Pretty much a regular
First posted play of the year..

I would have to say that West Virg. has been hearing all the overrated stuff and that their schedule is soft. So on Thursday night on ESPN they get to showcase their team for everyone to see.

I expect W. Virg. to control the ball and the game which will cause Maryland to try and open up their offense which hasn't been an option so far this year. Maryland has tried to control the game by just pounding away on their running game. W.V should put 8 in the box and make Maryland beat them by throwing.

Both teams stepping up in class this week from their 1st 2 games. Last week Maryland gave up 21 FD and 321 yds but had 3 key turnovers in that game to keep MDTS at 10 points. Even time of poss. was won by MDTS with 34 min to 26.

Last year WV scored 31 in Maryland, but now at home on ESPN I see them scoring atleast 34+ in this one. WV needs convincing wins in my opinion all year to keep the overrated tag at bay.

West Virginia O/30.5 points -115 1115/1000

Good Luck everyone
Excellent. Did not even think of this. I do think they get 30 for sure and this takes away any backdoor covers or struggles.

Good luck
Thxs fella's

My point exactly BAR, I like -14 but anything over that could mean a backdoor slip in by Maryland.

I expect atleast 17-21 by halftime for WV...
"W.V should put 8 in the box and make Maryland beat them by throwing."

- I really hope they do that because MD will get some room to throw down the middle of the field if they do and Ralph will definitely adjust and take what the defense gives him.
So Tim are you taking Maryland and the points? Most people here are on WV, but you seem to be the Maryland expert and I would like your take on this game. Best of luck!:cheers:
FJ - I have some thoughts on this game in Big Daddy's thread. I may have to take the 17.5 for a small play. A lot of these guys are focused on how many points MD scored in first two games vs. WM and MTSU. Trust me when I tell you that Ralph definitely kept the wraps on the passing game in those two games, preferring to just be conservative and work on the running game. He was quoted as saying that throwing vs. WM wouldn't prove anything. As I mentioned WR is the most inexperienced component of this MD team and Ralph wants to try and simplify things for the younger players right now and he is concerned about the depth at the position (Weatherly will miss WVU game). I just expect MD to show a lot more of their offensive playbook in the passing game vs. WVU. That is certainly where I would try and attack them due to their young secondary. All due credit to WVU who have a fine team but I am not expecting MD to just get trounced in this game like everyone is saying.
4 touchdowns and a field goal for the mountaineers @ home?

I like it mjw
Timh, I already have West Virginia at -13.5 and I can get Maryland at +18 for -120 at Pinny. I'm going to wait until tomorrow because I think this line will go up even more. But, that's a damn good opportunity to middle, don't you think?
Yeah 20% is a bit expensive to try to middle. I don't see value in middling if you pay more than a combined 20% on one side to do it. 18 is alot of points though. However, I think MD is a ACC stinker and WVU could embarass them tomorrow.
Den I don't know how much you have on the 13.5 but yes having those key numbers of 14 and 17 makes it quite attractive.

7 defensive starters returned for MD.
I'm hoping Maryland throws more in this game and can keep the pressure on WV because then that forces WV to keep scoring. IF WV gets up early say 14-0 and Maryland can't move the ball then WV will keep running the ball and use up alot of clock. So I need Maryland to play somewhat well or just hope that WV wants to embarass them on national tv...

WV 37 Maryland 17....:wacka wacka: