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I have been reading comments from various threads on this site, and I cant help myself, I just have to comment on a few statements that I have read about the University of Louisville football team. These statements range from Louisville has no depth, and Ohio State is so far superior as far as athletes and NFL talent, and should be a 14 point favorite if they played, and so on. I will forgive you guys since you dont live here, havent been following this team since birth, and havent been to every game of our current 15 game home winning streak. For you to say that we have no athletes is just rediculous. We are one of the most athletic teams in the country, and I guarantee we would compare favorably to anyone, including the mighty Luckeyes. 3-4 players of NFL talent level huh? This also shows just how little you know about our program. I would argue that we have a MINIMUM of 24 players on the current roster who have NFL level talent. I will even go as far as to list them for you. Enjoy:

S: Brandon Heath
WR: Mario Urrutia
DE: Deantwan Whitehead
ILB: Nate Harris
QB: Brian Brohm
QB: Hunter Cantwell
CB: Rod Counsil
RB: Michael Bush
RB: Kolby Smith
RB: George Stripling
S: LT Thomas
FB: Brock Bolen (The next Mike Alstott)
RB: Anthony Allen
LB: Abe Brown
DT: Earl Heyman
OL: George Bussey
OL: Brian Roche
OL: Kurt Quarterman
OL: Renardo Foster
OL: Eric Wood
TE: Gary Barnidge
WR: Harry Douglas
DT: Amobi Okoye
DT: Aundre Henderson

Now, I am sure that I have missed a few names as well. Am I saying that every one of these players will play in the NFL? No. But I will tell you one thing, I would bet my fucking johnson that at least 15 players on the current Louisville roster will play in the NFL, so as far as your 3-4 bullshit statement, you need to have your head checked. This is the deepest team in the HISTORY of Louisville Football, so to say we have no depth is utterly rediculous. How else do we lose both of our Heisman candidates for a period of time due to injuries, one for the entire season, yet still continue to roll along? DEPTH.

I have news for you guys, this is just the beggining. Louisville football is just scratching the surface of what it is going to be moving forward. We are more athletic, deeper, and getting better recruits than ever before. We have a great AD, great coaching, and great fans. Regardless of what happens this Thursday, Louisville Football is here to stay. I am sick of this bullshit lack of respect just because our name isnt Ohio State, Michigan, or any other SEC school that you would choose to throw in here.

Here is the fact of the matter. Is Louisville the best team in the country right now? No. Are we that far off? That is a NO as well. If we were to play Ohio State for the National Title, what would happen in that game? We would probably lose, but I guarantee you it wouldnt be by the 14 points you were saying. We match up very well on offense, special teams, and run defense. The reason we would lose that game is because of Troy Smith and our lack of a secondary (two of our key players in that secondary are out with injuries). Here is a BOLD statement for you, When OSU and Michigan play for the right to go to the National Title game, I will be pulling HARD for Michigan, because I believe that our team matches up better, and that our team is BETTER THAN MICHIGAN.

Curious as to why we havent looked quite so sharp the last several weeks? I have a pretty good guess, and this is just going by history and once again my knowledge as a Louisville fan. Bobby Petrino has been known to "Desguise" the playbook. What I mean by that is that leading up to a big game he will use very little of the playbook, not wanting to give the other team any ideas of what we are going to do on offense. Is this a good idea? Probably not such a great idea against Cincinnati, as it almost cost us that game, but we will find out on Thursday if it pays off or not. My guess is that we are going to see some crazy shit that you havent seen yet this season............

Now that I have given everyone enough of a lecture, I look forward to reading all of the responses.

Nice Writeup Webb.

and for the record, I think you're right about Louisville holding back on the playbook over the last few weeks.

........and I'm thinking WVU hasn't been.
Yes because post like these usally come back and bite people in the ass.

On a serious note I'll be cheering for Louisville Thursday because they have a tougher stretch to lose another game down the road since they have road games in Pitt and Rutgers but I still think they win both of those.

I think Louisville has decent players but they are winning because they have IMO one of the top 3 coaches in all of college football.

And before you big east guys start talking crap know I have both Louisville and WVU in a future bet to win the MNC. I knew the winner of this Thursday's game would be playing for the title.

I have Louisville at +3500 and WVU +1800 back in July.
All I am saying is that Louisville does not get anywhere close to the level of respect that we deserve. Regardless of the outcome of Thursdays game, we are one of the top programs in the country and will remain so moving forward. I think we win against WV because neither team is particularly strong against the pass, but our passing game is far superior to theirs. We have enough on the D Line to at least contain their running game, and that should be the difference. Not trying to "bite myself in the ass" here, I just speak my mind, and when I feel something needs to be said, I take it upon myself to say it. No offense meant to anyone, I just think people should know what they are talking about before they start bashing on someones football program (And that goes for any school). That being said, I am looking forward to a great game on Thursday, hopefully a Louisville victory. Weather should be pretty cold, so I am certainly looking forward to that.........
I agree that he went a little too far in his post in terms of emotions, but his info was good. Petrino has done great things there, and they are loaded athletically.

With that said, they have to play their best game this season to beat the Mountainqueers. We'll see if they can come out and get it done.
I wasnt impressed at all with their d at all. WVU gave them more than a few points. Not sure how many times the cards got stops. But it was still a good win. Good writeup good to have ya here