Let's bowl baby............


To the left, to the left, to the right to the righ
[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]'06 CFB Record ATS: 31-10 (76%)

[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]Setting this thread up now, and I'm just gonna add as I go along. I will post 'em as I play 'em. Here is what is on my radar right now. Plays will almost definitely come from this group. Thoughts and opinions welcome!

FSU +5
OSU/Bama U51
UK +10
UK/Clemson O58
Houston +6.5
Houston/USC O56
TTU/Minny O65.5
Miami -3
Boise +8
Boise/OU U50.5
LSU/ND O54.5
UF +7.5


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[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]FSU +5 opposite @-4
FSU/UCLA U40.5 was eyeing this myself
OSU/Bama U51 like this as well
UK +10 already playing it
UK/Clemson O58 no opinion
Houston +6.5 already have it @+7
Houston/USC O56 propablt not playing but if i had to choose i'd say correct
TTU/Minny O65.5 DEF
Miami -3 Mos def
Boise +8 OU wins in a SO 24-0 IMO
Boise/OU U50.5 Will be on this shortly
LSU/ND O54.5 can ND score on LSU?
UF +7.5 do yourself a favor buy the .5 to -7 and enjoy i liked +8.5 but now i think I am seeing the light
Already on FSU and Fla with you Killa...what are your thoughts on BYU/Oregon? Watching this line move down and down...glad I didn't take BYU earlier, but I may be tempted once its at a FG or less.
Hey Killa. I've only locked in 2 plays so far. Florida and South Florida. Of the two, I'm liking the Gators the most. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to pull the trigger on. GL bro.
Love the over in the clemson game.. not sure what it opened at.. but i expect in the 60's or 70s
First play...............

BYU/Oregon O61.5 (-110 @ Greek)

GL bro...

hey...what a string of games for you to attend back home..must be a blast...was that you sitting with Ewing and Oakley? ;)

Good fortune tonight..many seem to like it..I got BYU..lets both cash 41-24
BAR- Thanks man. I liked BYU originally but the line move and injuries to the secondary scared me off. Oh yeah, the Knicks game was unbelievable. You gotta work today? I'm bout to make a thread projecting lines and discussing games for NBA Friday, chime in at some point :shake:
I am off all day man...just a bit of shopping and some wrapping is what I have scheduled. I will be in it a lot for sure man.

Got my feet wet again last night and coulda had a 2-0....prolly craziest NBA night of year.
I think that this is the SMARTEST play of this Bowl Game.
Injuries and mismatch in size difference will put points up on the board as well as the Special Teams, or should I say the LACK of Special Teams play. I look for more than a couple of opportunities for both teams to end up with a short field.

I also like the TEAM TOTAL, esp for BYU.

See you at the window.

Why only 46 plays this season? Is that typical? I follow you in NBA (along with a couple others) and always look forward to your picks.

Best of luck.
cpa21 said:

Why only 46 plays this season? Is that typical? I follow you in NBA (along with a couple others) and always look forward to your picks.

Best of luck.
3 plays a week on average. That's just how I roll in CFB. GL dude and thanks for the compliment.