Lawyer--Brown and Gatewood Should Play vs. tOSU

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Gun was registered, lawyer said

By Suzanne Halliburton | Tuesday, September 5, 2006, 10:58 AM

There have been numerous questions as to why Texas cornerback Tarell Brown had a 9 mm handgun on his lap while traveling in a car with teammate Tyrell Gatewood and former Longhorn Aaron Harris.

According to the lawyer of both Gatewood and Brown, Gatewood purchased the gun from a licensed store and had filed out the paperwork for a license.

Jamie Balagia, the lawyer, said: “A couple of weeks ago he went target shooting at an indoor range and placed the gun under the drivers seat in his car when he finished. He then forgot all about it and failed to secure the gun when he got home later.

Sunday night “the three friends went out and by the time they headed home Harris was driving because Gatewood was falling asleep. As the car pulled out Brown saw a gun slide out from behind the drivers seat so he mentioned it. Gatewood asked him to grab it so they could put it up when they got home.

“Brown did not intend to break the gun law. Gatewood did not intend to leave the gun in the car. Neither of them smoked marijuana. They both took drug test for school after I got them out of jail. Test results in a few days. Both should play Saturday do toi lack of criminal intent, honesty and cooperation. “
It's a bit far fetched. But if they can back it up...

Lawyer is hired by UT so I take this as a sign that the kids will play Saturday. Mack will listen to the lawyer before making up his mind.
Lawyer is well known in Texas. Has these cheesy advirtisements all over Texas. Calls himself the DWI GUY.

For those in Texas think of Jim Adler "The Texas Hammer"
“A couple of weeks ago he went target shooting at an indoor range and placed the gun under the drivers seat in his car when he finished. He then forgot all about it and failed to secure the gun when he got home later.

HOLY SHIT HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA...>Thanks for posting that- I was having a bad day and needed a good I almost spit the food out that I was eating

What that means is:

"A couple of weeks ago he robbed a bank and when he was leaving he threw the gun under the seat (where most criminals get caught with weapons). He was so high because he smoked all his weed except a gram so he forgot that he had the gun under the seat."
As a prosecutor, that story sounds similar to the dozens of excuses I have heard over the years involving guns in cars. I would be holding back my laughter when this guy told this story in a trial and then laugh again after I got the conviction. I don't know the statute for this offense in Texas, but in Ohio, this would be an easy case for the State to prove. How this lawyer tells this story and then states "lack of criminal intent" cracks me up. He sounds like someone who doesn't do much criminal defense work or he is just an idiot.
LOL...I will take ND getting blown out in a Bowl Game every year and PSU barely beating FSU in a Bowl then have the criminals OSU, USC < Miamia , FSU and Texas put on the the end its all about looking in the mirror and sleeping at wacka:
lol...Oh Yeah...but not with a Hand Gun...That was kept locked in a I never brought a Hand Gun to College...just didnt think I needed it to study...but thats right none of these Bozos will see a "real" Degree.
SHSUHorn said:
frank, have you ever smoked weed before?

SHSUHorn: You ever been in a cockpit before?
Frank: No sir, I've never been up in a plane before.
SHSUHorn: You ever seen a grown man naked?
SHSUHorn: Frank, have you ever been to a Turkish prison?

He wasn't going to class it was Saturday night and they were out. I have a handgun in my car and just did a line of coke and I wouldn't consider myself a criminal.
I have two small scars in my back from two 22 cal slugs that were put there by some dumb ass hopper I guess Im alittle touchy about dumbasses with guns on drugs...but thats just me...guess we need another Baylor to get this stuff taken care of ..again.
had to stop drinking at age 24...missing some of the ole Liver but could have been alot buddy at the time had to keep two shots in him close to the spine...what ya going to do...along time ago.
See your point but its a known fact most of these kids in college like to party especially athletes. Its just a matter if you get busted or not.

If you think this doesn't happen at ND or Penn St. then your kidding yourself.
And i do agree some schools more the others. I wouldn't compare Texas with Miami though.

Hell Merriweather shot his gun at someone a month ago and then made an INT last night.
Wow it gets worse..

Travis County deputies unnecessarily used tasers on Tarell Brown and Tyrell Gatewood before they arrested them early Monday morning, the lawyer representing the suspended Texas players charged Tuesday.

Jamie Balagio, the attorney for Brown and Gatewood, is requesting that a videotape of the arrest be made public.

“They were both unnecessarily tasered,” Balagia told the American-Statesman Tuesday evening. “If a tape is there, let them release it to the media.”

“The only time you use a taser is to prevent you from using a gun,” Balagia said. “Basically, they said, ‘We tasered them because we didn’t want to shoot them to death.’ “

Brown, a starting cornerback, and Gatewood, a reserve safety and special teams player, were riding with former Longhorn Aaron Harris early Monday morning when Harris was pulled over by sheriff’s deputies for erratic driving. Harris passed field sobriety tests, but according to the arrest affidavit, admitted that he had been smoking marijuana. Harris had .7 grams of marijuana in his pocket and deputies found 1.1 grams of pot under the front seat of the car.

Deputies said they saw Gatewood and Brown asleep in the car — Gatewood in the front seat and Brown in the back. They said a loaded 9mm handgun was in Brown’s lap. There was no mention in the affidavit that the deputies used a taser to subdue the players.

Brown was charged with possession of a handgun, a Class A misdemeanor, and possession of marijuana, a Class B misdemeanor. Gatewood and Harris each were charged with possession of marijuana.

Roger Wade, spokesman for the sheriff’s department, said he could not comment on the case. “We don’t respond until we get to court,” Wade said.

Brown and Gatewood have been suspended from team functions and will not play Saturday against Ohio State.

The two players met with Brown on Monday afternoon after they were released from jail. They voluntarily took a urine test Monday to prove that they had not been smoking pot.

Balagia said that Gatewood had bought the gun for “recreational” purposes and had used it at an indoor shooting range about two weeks ago. Balagia said Gatewood forgot to take the gun into his apartment. Brown saw it on the floorboard in the backseat, Balagia said, and offered to take it inside once the three arrived home Monday morning. Gatewood and Brown are roommates, and Harris has been staying with them temporarily.

“When they tasered them, they made the charge against Tyrell and then jacked up the charges on Tarell,” Balagia said
Its the culture...Horn 20 years ago they didnt even let these kids in had to have sometype of grades , SAT and the like..used to be college football now its minor league football...too much money involved now..hell Univeristy Presidents can get fired based on an athletic teams record...well at some its been said if Yale, Princeton, or Harvard wanted to field the Best teams...they would with all the money they have and pull...but different strokes for different folks...
I agree. I personally know a rule that Texas abuses to get certain athletes in each year (Jamal Charles last year) but I won't get into it. HAs something to do with a learning diability rule.

I agree athletics makes to much for colleges for them to not cover up shit. How do you think that library was paid for etc..