Knicks Nuggets Fight


Pretty much a regular
Watching it now.

Melo threw a punch.

so stupid all around. Pay close attention tonight and tomorrow for suspensions and expulsions...
What a punk Carmelo is!!!!

Throws that round house and then runs back like a little girl!!!!
Ran from 2 Knicks after that punch he threw...even ran away from little Nate Robinson. LOL

What a queer!!!
Melo punched Mardy Collins in the face. He'll miss some time. Everyone on the court got ejected.
he was stupid for throwing it.

now he loses money and playing time...that team was looking good for this year. Now instead of collins being a sore pussy loser, melo is the thug...

or at least that'll be the perception.


Does NBA suspend players till they get their penalty?I mean if NBA doesn´t give a punishment untill DEN-WAS game will be Anthony,Smith and co. able to play in that game?
Thats actually a lot of punches for an nba fight.. Melo was backtracking like he was scared.
i just bet WAS Wizards odds 2.9 in local :) Now i need suspensions, like Melo and JR Smith are done but i wonder if anybody else at least for one game .. good stuff NBA .. Melo rather slap than punch and quick run out lol.
Melo is one of the biggest frauds.. The guy is from the toughest neighberhood in the US. He tries to act like hes a nice guy in the media, but how many times has he been busted for drugs and blamed it on his friends, what about the video with not snitching. The guy is a phony.

ANyway it sucks, since he was ballin this year.