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I believe the pats D is good enough with their "combination zone" to stop manning and the colts.. John Q public thought the same last week as well.. The only problem is that they will not be able to stop peyton all game long.. Colts getting points again??????
Purchase the hook right now and take the colts +3 ...
Opinions welcome..
I think the last team that has the ball will win...the Colts can throw on em, the Pats can run and throw on em..

Question is, who gets the ball last?
I like the Over. A basic total of 21 each leads to a 45 minimum.

I also see the *Dallas* angle coming into play. Everyone saw Dallas stink it up vs the Giants on primetime, so lumped for Carolina the next week. Now everyone has seen the Pats defense look unbeatable on primetime (the latest memory, "wiping away" what the Colts did to Denver's defense), opening the way for thoughts of the Colts meeting their match. I see the Pats certainly getting their points on this Colts D, and the Colts making a game of it. I'll sit back and enjoy a wild one without having to care who wins.
First time poster, but I think the Over is the better side as well.
Yeah, we are a dynasty! However, when we slaughtered Minny this past Monday, what was the line? -7??? Guess again! And, how many of you played the Pats?????