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Pretty much a regular
SF: They resolved one of their biggest competitions last weekend when they traded away Kevan Barlow, leaving second-year pro Frank Gore as the team's featured tailback (jimmyd: Gore ain't the answer)

SF: Defensively, the 49ers are grappling with a series of injuries that could lead to the team switching its base defense from a 3-4 to a 4-3, at least for a time (jimmyd: Can't do that in a week)

SF: Stabilizing the offensive line. This is the area where the 49ers have made the most progress, transforming what was a weak area last year into a team strength. In both games, the line has opened holes for the running game and they've yet to allow a sack. (jimmyd: They haven't seen a def like Dallas has yet.)

SF: The performance of QB Alex Smith, who led two scoring drives in Week 1, took a nose dive against the Raiders. He threw two interceptions and couldn't muster a scoring drive. (jimmyd: Perhaps because he was on the road? And that was only Oak, across the bay. Now he's in Tex.)

SF: The secondary remains a work in progress (jimmyd: Bledsoe/Romo will love that)

DAL: Both Dallas quarterbacks, incumbent starter Drew Bledsoe (12-of-16 passing, 156 yards, 2 TD) and backup Tony Romo (25-of-33, 373 yards, 2 TD), have played well in the preseason to date. (jimmyd: Yep.)

DAL: After playing the 1st 2 preseason games on the road, Dallas gets a homer, and HC Parcells just hates to lose any game, preseason or not, and especially the ones at home.

Where did you get a "6.5"? I can get a 7.5 and would like to middle this one.

Ahhhh....fuck it the 7.5 is gone. Oh well. I'm on SF +7.5.....game lands on 7 we both win.
INDY: Peyton Manning and the No. 1 offense are expected to play into the third quarter against the Saints, with King likely to finish. Coach Tony Dungy described the third preseason game as "game type." (jimmyd: Maybe "game type" like the SB?)

INDY: No. 1 offense has played only four series It has opened each game with a touchdown drive. (jimmyd: Mayhap a 1st qtr play on Indy or the over?)

INDY: Manning, who is a near-perfect 9-of-14 for 190 yards with two touchdowns and neither an interception nor a sack. first-team offense, which is expected to play into the third quarter against the Colts. (jimmyd: And he's playing the whole 1st half under game type conditions? Ouch.)

NO: Offensive line problems. (jimmyd: I'll say, they were terrible vs. Dallas last week)

NO: And, obviously, the Saints have a ways to go to get to respectable, let alone "good" and "better." (jimmyd: And that is the Truth.)

NO: The Colts already are where the Saints, and most teams, dream of being -- a Super Bowl contender, a smooth-running machine, a team so talented offensively it simply can outscore most teams it can't stop defensively. (jimmyd: This from the N.O. paper. Theu wanna be like Indy)

NO: Given time to throw, Manning can put up points in a hurry. The Saints need to get better pressure on the quarterback from defensive ends Will Smith and Charles Grant, and/or come with an occasional blitz. (jimmyd: What, N.O. has no def?)

NO: Saints could be riding into an ambush (jimmyd: I'll bet they are!)

INDY -3.5
The above are my Best Bet games. Items posted above were from all the individual game write ups researched. Read them, they will point you in the right direction. One way or the other. Just read between the lines.

Other thoughts on games: Like all the unders as a straight across the board play. They wont all go under, but 6-2 wouldn't be bad.

Stl/KC. Rivalry game for the Govenors Cup. Stayin away from these.
Atl/TEN. Too much of a line swing for me.
Wash/NE. Lean to NE, but a pissed off Wash coach may actually get them to play. Even so, 'Skins don't have the talent looks like. May still play NE.
Sea/SD. What a great game to watch. With no LT, lean to Sea & PTS.
Clev/Buff. Who cares.
Tampa/Jack. Line is about right I guess.
I took Dallas at -6.5 and Indy at -3.5. Couldnt believe those lines. Especially the Indy one. Thanks for the advice, guys.
KingKrunked said:
you sir, are good

Thanks guys. Dal game closer than I thought. 10 min drive from their 4 yd line to the SF 20 yd line ices game at end. SF may actually be a little better than I'm giving them credit for this yr. But that Dal def is awesome. Indy came out like I guessed. Played NE at the last min, but what a blow out. Wash getting way too much credit. Not good at all.